Liam Gallagher Net Worth: How Much Money Does He Make From Oasis?

With their new style of music, Oasis ruled the music scene in the 1990s. The Gallagher brothers led the band with big hits like “Wonderwall” and “Champagne Supernova.”

But the band had trouble when they were at the top of their popularity, and after a fight between the Gallagher brothers, they broke up for good in 2009. Before they broke up, the British band had a lot of success.

Which member of Oasis has the most money? Noel might be the most talked-about member of Oasis. Some people don’t like the singer because he is blunt and honest, which is what he is known for. Still, it’s hard to argue with how talented he is, and his net worth shows that.

Net Worth

According to celebritynetworth, Liam Gallagher is an English singer, songwriter, and musician with an $8 million net worth. Most people know Liam Gallagher as the former lead singer of the band Oasis. Since he left Oasis in 2009, Gallagher has worked on several groups and solo projects that have been well received by critics and fans alike. Liam Gallagher is known for being a bit controversial and acting like a “rock star,” which often means being loud and going to parties.

The Decline of Net Worth

At one point, Liam was said to be worth as much as $50 million. His wealth has dropped by a lot because he partied hard, spent a lot, and got a divorce that cost a lot of money. During Liam’s divorce proceedings in 2015, a judge decided that Liam was worth $15 million. In the end, the judge told Liam to give the ex-wife half his fortune. This means that Liam likely has a net worth of $7.5 million.

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Early Life

William John Paul Gallagher was born in Manchester, England, on September 21, 1972. Irish parents raised Liam, but his father beat him until his mother got a divorce and took the kids with her. Paul and Noel Gallagher are two of Liam’s brothers. Noel went on to become the lead guitarist for Oasis. Liam and his brothers often got into trouble when they were young. Liam was once kicked out of school because he got into a fight.

liam gallagher net worth

At first, Liam wasn’t interested in music at all. Instead, he spent his free time playing sports. But his life changed when Gallagher got a severe head injury in a fight. From then on, he was determined to join a band. During this time, he looked up to bands like the Beatles, the Kinks, the Who, and many others, especially John Lennon.


After working with Paul McGuigan and Paul Arthurs at first, Liam’s brother Noel joined the group that would become Oasis. Even though the band had a rough start, a Creation Records executive found them and signed them to a 6-album deal. Their first album, Definitely Maybe, came out in 1994 and quickly sold more copies than any other British debut album ever. Several publications have since called it one of the best albums of all time.

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(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?, Oasis’s second album sold even more copies. Many people think that (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? is one of the best albums of all time and one of the essential albums of the 1990s. Be Here Now was Oasis’s third album, which came out in 1997.

Even though the band members fought a lot during the recording process, the album got good reviews. As of 2008, more than 8 million copies of the album had been sold around the world, making it one of Oasis’s best in terms of sales.

liam gallagher net worth

By 2000, Liam was the only founding member of Oasis who was still with the band. He and Noel started their own record company, Big Brother Recordings, and decided that all future Oasis albums would be made through this company. The first of these new albums was called Heathen Chemistry.

The band’s last album, Dig Out Your Soul, was praised by critics worldwide. It came out before Don’t Believe the Truth. The band broke up in the end because Noel and Liam were so angry at each other that they could no longer work together.

After Liam Gallagher joined the Beady Eye band, he worked on the 2011 album Different Gear, Still Speeding. Many critics said this album was better than Oasis’s last album. BE, Beady Eye’s second album, didn’t get as much praise from critics, which was a shame. The group officially broke up in 2014.

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Liam Gallagher’s first solo album came out in 2017 after he decided to try a solo career for the first time. Gallagher’s album, As You Were, was a real comeback for him, and critics all agreed it was some of his best work. But almost everyone didn’t like his second album by himself, Why Me? Why Not?

Real Estate

Liam Gallagher has been investing in real estate for a long time. Over the years, he has bought several homes in London. The members of Oasis lived together in a penthouse in Muswell Hill, London, from 1991 to 1996. Gallagher and his wife Patsy Kensit lived in a Primrose Hill townhouse from 1996 to 1999.

When he married his second wife, Nicole Appleton, he bought a house in Hampstead Heath, North London, for 2.7 million pounds. Appleton put the house on the market for 4.5 million pounds after the divorce.

Gallagher bought a $2.5 million apartment in Manhattan, New York, in 2012. The recently remodeled two-bedroom apartment is in a building from the 1930s and has beautiful views of Central Park. After he started dating journalist Liz Ghorbani, who later gave birth to his child, he made the purchase. Gallagher put the house on the market for $4 million in 2014.

liam gallagher net worth

Gallagher sold his house in Highgate, London, for 3.25 million pounds after he moved out in 2018. He bought the property in the past for 2.1 million pounds. Gallagher decided to sell his house because he had gotten into a few fights with his neighbors, who he called “prats.” In the 1990s, Gallagher bought another house in London that became known for wild parties and got the name “Supernova Heights.”

At the end of the day, that property was sold for 2 million pounds. Since then, the price of this “piece of rock history” has skyrocketed. It has changed hands several times and is now listed for more than 5 million pounds.

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In 2020, it was reported that Liam Gallagher had spent just under 4 million pounds on a home in London. The five-bedroom house in North London that has just been remodeled is supposed to help Gallagher and his fiancee, Debbie Gwyther, build a strong relationship. The house is said to be on “one of London’s quietest streets,” and it is the latest home that the Oasis singer has bought in the English capital.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Noel or Liam More Wealthy?

The Richest says that Liam’s worth is about $60 million, which is about £47.7 million. People think he was worth around £50 million more, but he was never as rich as Noel’s primary songwriter for Oasis.

Does Liam Get Oasis Royalties?

Yes, is the short answer.

Who is Oasis Made the Most Money?

Noel Gallagher is the most wealthy member of Oasis.

Celebrity Net Worth says that Noel is worth a massive $70 million. The singer has made money by singing for a long time and getting royalties from his songs. His brother’s net worth isn’t as high as Noel’s, but it’s still pretty good.

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