Mattress Mack Net Worth: How Much Money Does He Make?

James Franklin McIngvale, better known as “Mattress Mack,” is a Houston, Texas businessman. He is well-known for placing absurdly enormous sports wagers, as well as owning and operating the Gallery Furniture retail chain.

Early Life

Jim McIngvale, also known as James Franklin McIngvale, is a well-known and successful American businessman. He is also known as Mattress Mack because of his occupation. James was born in the United States on February 11, 1951, in Starkville, Mississippi.

The majority of James Franklin McIngvale’s childhood was spent in Mississippi, where he had previously lived with his family. After finishing high school, he relocated to Texas and enrolled in a university there to further his education.

He fell in love and married his wife there. James is currently living with his six grandchildren and four children. James’ mind and charisma were always razor-sharp. He played football at university, but he was always active in the business.

Mattress Mack Net Worth

What Are the Net worth and Earnings of Mattress Mack?

Mattress Mack is a very wealthy man. He is a businessman and the owner of Gallery Furniture, one of America’s largest corporations. His company is one of the best furniture producers in America. Although it was formed in Texas, the company has developed tremendously in the last ten years or so.

All thanks to the company’s founder and owner, whose approach to business has set him apart from the competition. Mack presently has a net worth of $310 million.

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Assets Mattress Mack

Mattress in the house Mack is a well-known and very successful American businessman who is also one of the wealthiest. Mack has a considerable amount of real estate, including his massive mansion in Houston. He also has homes in Dallas, Los Angeles, and Starkville, among other places.

Cars-Mattress Mack is an incredibly wealthy American with a vast collection of automobiles. He is a successful businessman with a lot of accomplishments. Mack has an impressive collection of automobiles that he owns in vast numbers. He has a Rolls Royce, a Bentley, a Jaguar, a Ferrari, and various other high-end vehicles.

Career and Awards of Mattress Mack

Mattress Mack has proven himself as an extraordinary American businessman throughout the course of his long and lucrative career. Mack has long been known for his excellent business approach and his catchphrase, “Saves you money!” As a result, he has become enormously prosperous.

Mattress Mack Net Worth

Mack spent a lot of money on advertisements in the early years of Gallery Furniture in order to build the business. His strategy worked, and Gallery Furniture’s sales increased significantly. Mack and his wife served as producers on the film Sidekicks in 1992. In addition, he co-wrote the book Always Think Big, which covers the highs and lows of his entrepreneurial career.

Mack has a political career as well as a business career. He has always supported the Congress party. Mack has had a number of important positions in his political career.


Mattress Mack received his secondary school diploma from Bishop Lynch High School. He afterward attended the University of North Texas to complete his graduate studies. Mack was a bright young man who was always interested in business management. He later became a successful businessman.

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Political Views

Jim McIngvale backed the Tea Party movement in 2010. He paid for full-page ads in the Houston Chronicle promoting the Tea Party. He was a guest speaker at Sam Houston Race Park for The North Houston Tea Party Patriots, along with numerous local conservative radio hosts.

McIngvale supported conservative contender Bill King over Sylvester Turner in the 2015 Houston mayor’s race. Turner was elected president.

McIngvale supported Republican U.S. Representative John Culberson’s reelection in 2018 and appeared in campaign commercials for him. Lizzie Fletcher defeated Culberson in the election.

McIngvale supports the reelection of Democrat Mayor Sylvester Turner in February 2020, after endorsing Bill King for mayor in 2015. [Citation required] McIngvale supported unsuccessful challenger George P. Bush against incumbent Ken Paxton in the 2022 Texas Attorney General election.

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Governor Greg Abbott appointed McIngvale to the Strike Force to Open Texas in April 2020, a body “tasked with identifying safe and effective means to gradually reopen the state” in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak.


Mattress Mack is a Houston, Texas businessman named James Franklin McIngvale. He is well-known for making ridiculously large sports bets, as well as owning and operating the Gallery Furniture store chain. Mack’s net worth is currently $310 million. Mack McIngvale has had a great commercial career as well as a successful political career. In 2010, he backed the Tea Party movement, and in 2018, he backed John Culberson’s reelection. In 2015, he backed Bill King over Sylvester Turner for mayor of Houston.


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