Michael Franzese Net Worth: Why Is He So Well-known?

Author and media personality Michael Franzese hails from the United States. He is most known for having been the capo of the Colombo crime family and a former gangster. The son of the former underboss, John “Sonny” Franzese, dropped out of Hofstra University’s pre-medical program and began a career in crime in the 1970s.

Why Is He So Well-known?

On May 27, 1951, Michael Franzese was born in Brooklyn, New York. He is the first of John and Christina Franzese’s eight children. His Italian father was an underboss member of the Colombo crime family. His mother met Sonny while working as a cigarette girl.

Initially, Michael doubted Sonny as his biological father and believed he had been adopted; however, during his adolescence, it was shown that Sonny was Michael’s biological father.

Michael spent the majority of his formative years on Long Island. He enrolled at Hofstra University in 1969 after graduating from high school. He enrolled in a pre-medical program there because his parents did not want him to be associated with organized crime.

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However, he left college to support his family after his father was given a 50-year prison term for bank robbery. He rapidly made connections with his father’s acquaintances, especially Joseph Colombo, who gave him a hand initially. By 1975, Jimmy Angelino, Salvatore Miciotta, and John Minerva joined Franzese in taking the infamous blood oath, which resulted in his induction as a made man.

michael franzese net worth

Michael Franzese first rose to fame as a legendary criminal renowned for his devious intellect. In July 2020, he appeared in the Netflix docuseries Fear City: New York vs. The Mafia. Since then, Franzese has grown in popularity on YouTube, virtually becoming a household name. Ironically, this well-known mobster is now a famous YouTuber.

What Led to His Success?

Michael’s numerous entertainment, sports, and fuel ventures have been successful. Most notably, this guy has incredible wits about him. with a talent for developing original strategies and schemes that have made him millions of dollars throughout the years. Even now, he has displayed remarkable adaptability in his attempt to remake himself as a sort of star in the modern Internet era.

The mobster had a stronghold over businesses like auto dealerships, auto repair shops, leasing companies, contractor companies, movie production and distribution companies, restaurants, nightclubs, video stores, and travel agencies during the 1970s and 1980s at the same time that gasoline was being bootlegged.

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Michael Franzese was freed from accusations of racketeering in April 1985. By the end of the year, he had received a five-year prison term for stealing the gas taxes, along with a $1.7 million fine. He admitted to engaging in a tax and racketeering conspiracy and was sentenced to ten years in jail and more than $15 million in compensation by March 1986. Franzese was freed from prison in 1989 after serving 43 months.

Do You Know His Height and Age?

If you want to learn more about Michael Franzese, you may read this article about his height, net worth in 2022, age, siblings, career, and family.

Early Years and Education

John “Sonny” Franzese Sr. and Cristina Capobianco-Franzese welcomed Michael Franzese into the world on May 27, 1951, in Brooklyn, New York, the United States.

michael franzese net worth

Michael was reared in an environment filled with unlawful and criminal activity because his father, John, was a crime lord in America.

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Even though John never wanted his son to become a gangster, circumstances and John’s 50-year prison sentence for a string of bank robberies in 1970 caused Michael to go down the wrong path.

What Is Michael Franzese’s Estimated Net Worth?

Michael Franzese’s net worth is $1 million as of 2022.

Franzese has acknowledged that during the height of his criminal and mafia career, he made almost $8 million each week from both legal and unlawful ventures.

Other Businesses

During the 1980s, Michael Franzese established and succeeded in many businesses, including movie production, dining establishments, nightclubs, auto dealerships, video stores, and many others.

Michael Franzese Mafia to Spirituality on the Way

While incarcerated in 1987, Michael renounces the Colombo family. As a result of breaking the terms of his probation when he was released on parole in 1989, he faced a 4-year sentence in federal prison on December 27, 1991.

michael franzese net worth

After receiving his parole in 1994, Michael abandoned the criminal underworld and moved to California with his wife and kids the following year.

Works as Author and Motivation Speaker

Working as an author and motivational speaker: Michael co-wrote the 1992 book “Quitting the Mob” with Dary Matera while incarcerated.

The book details Michael’s mafia adventures, criminal activities, and interactions with other mobsters in the USA.

Michael wrote another book in 2003 called “Blood Covenant,” which is partially based on his personal experiences.


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He is also a motivational speaker and has advised young people in countless interviews to avoid the mafia lifestyle.

Despite this, Michael Franzese was given a chance to change for the better.

Michael Franzese has a one-million-dollar net worth.

Frequently Asked Question

Michael Franzese’s Children

Michael Franzese has seven kids. There is nothing on the web about any of his seven children.

Julie Marie Franzese

She is an actress known for her roles in movies like The Muppets, Dance Angels, and Born in Blood.

Amanda Franzese

She is also Michael and Camille’s daughter.

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