Mikaben Net Worth: What Happened To Mikaben?

Michael Benjamin, sometimes known as Mikaben, is a well-known singer, songwriter, and producer from Haiti who was born there on June 27, 1981. His father, Lionel Benjamin, was also a well-known singer in Haiti and had a sizable fan base. We’ll see in-depth information on Mikaben’s personal and professional lives in this post.

Michael Benjamin, often known as Mikaben, was a Haitian singer, composer, and producer who lived from June 27, 1981, to October 15, 2022.

Who Was Singer Mikaben?

Famous Haitian singer Mikaben was also a well-known songwriter, musician, and producer. Because he unexpectedly died while playing on stage in Paris, he has been in the news.

Michael Benjamin was his true name. On June 27, 1981, he was born in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti. His mother’s name was Roseline Benjamin, and his father, Lionel Benjamin, was a well-known singer.

On October 15, 2022, he passed away in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, France. When he died, he was 41 years old. Together, they have a single daughter. When he passed away, his wife was eight months along with their second kid. He also had a second son from a previous union.

Mikaben Net Worth

Mikaben’s Net Worth

According to latestnews.fresherslive.com,  The estimated value of Mikaben’s net worth is two million dollars. The songs he has written that have become major hits are his main source of income. His versatility as a singer, songwriter, and producer makes him a superb stage performer. He was at a successful point in his career when he passed away, but fate took this gifted singer from us. His untimely death leaves his family and the music business with a big loss.

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Mikaben Career

Singer Mikaben started composing songs while he was just 14 years old. As a boy, he frequently observed his father performing and writing. He surely provided him with one of the most powerful sources of inspiration as he continued down his father’s path.

The artist had composed and produced a number of songs that over time had accumulated millions of views. Numerous other songs, including “Fanm Sa Move” and “Baby I Missed You,” have become hits.

He can sing in Spanish, English, French, and Creole in addition to this. Among other instruments, he is able to play the guitar, piano, bass, and drums.

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What Happened To Mikaben?

The renowned Haitian musician Mikaben passed away on October 15 after falling after his performance at a Carimi Show, Carel Pedre, in Paris, according to a source at Bareilly College. His abrupt, unexpected passing comes as a profound shock to his ardent followers worldwide. On social media, a number of well-known musicians, actors, and his followers posted their heartfelt condolences for his passing. It is a big loss for music that Mikaben passed away. Through his music, he will always be in the hearts of his followers.


The incident happened on Saturday while singer Mikaben was performing with the Haitian konpa band Carmi. Mikaben, a well-known musician from Haiti, “died after suffering a seizure on stage and despite the efforts of emergency services,” the venue wrote on Twitter.

Since that time, Haitians have lamented the idol’s death. Along with them, the Prime Minister, Ariel Henry, as well as other notable Haitians sent their deepest sympathies to him. A lot of individuals are also attempting to learn more about him.

Benjamin passed away while attending a concert at the Accor Arena in Paris on the evening of October 15–16, 2022. Age-wise, he was 41. He had a heart arrest while performing on stage. Shortly later, Benjamin passed away despite rescue efforts.

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Haitian Singer Mikaben

Mikaben Having begun his musical career at the age of 15, he rose to fame after participating in the Christmas Telemax competition. He started his solo career after taking fourth place in that competition with his song Nwel Tristes. He has been a part of the music business for almost twenty years, and the Haitian music industry gave him a lot of respect. People from the Caribbean, France, Europe, and Haiti are ardent followers. In addition, he produced a number of songs.

Mikaben Wife

Mikaben Net Worth

Vanessa Benjamin and Mikaben got married on November 14, 2020. In the year 2021, the couple became parents to Leia. A second child for the pair is due in December 2022. The information we have about Mikaben’s wife is scant. We will keep you informed if we learn any further details about Mikaben’s wife’s means.

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