NBA Young Boy Net Worth: 2022| A New Recording Contract Between the Nba’s Youngboy and Motown!

There is a well-known American rapper by the name of NBA Youngboy. On October 20, 1999, NBA Youngboy entered the world. The NBA Youngboy’s net worth is a topic of interest to many. This article now reflects the most recent data.

NBA Young Boy Networth

To some, learning about the lives of their favourite stars is an irresistible curiosity. People are also looking up “NBA Youngboy Net Worth” now. The question of “What is NBA Youngboy Net Worth” is frequently googled. Let’s delve in further to learn the specifics.

Early Life

Kentrell DeSean Gaulden entered the world on October 20, 1999, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Gaulden wore a makeshift neck brace when he was young after he broke his neck in an accident.

There are now three scars on his forehead from where the brace used to be. The father of Gaulden was already in prison when the boy was born, serving 55 years at the time. His grandmother on his mother’s side took him in and raised him.


When NBA YoungBoy was only fourteen years old, he started making beats. Known then as NBA YoungBoy, he dropped his debut mixtape, Life Before Fame, in 2014. A series of mixtapes, including “Mind of a Menace,” “Mind of a Menace 2,,” and “Mind of a Menace 3,” followed.

In 2016, YoungBoy first gained widespread attention thanks to his viral mixtape “38 Baby,” which has since been viewed millions of times on YouTube. After that, he engaged in a “song-for-song rap beef” with another rapper based in Baton Rouge, Scotty Cain.

YoungBoy’s ‘Untouchable’ was an international smash when it was released in May of 2017. The highest position that the song achieved on the Billboard Hot 100 chart was #95. Then he released the music video for “41,” one of his songs.

With the release of his 2018 single “Outside Today,” YoungBoy’s career took off like a rocket. The song reached number 35 on the Billboard Hot 100, making it his most successful single to date. Until Death Call My Name, YoungBoy’s first studio album, is scheduled for release in April of this year.

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Personal Life

In 2019, YoungBoy dated Yaya Mayweather, and they later had a child together. Floyd Mayweather is a famous boxer, and he has a daughter named Mayweather. However, they broke up before the birth of their son, and by late 2020, YoungBoy was rumoured to be dating Jazlyn Mychelle.

It has been reported that the rapper is the father of seven kids, though the exact number is unknown.

Aside from Draco, his name for Kayden, he also has Armani, whose girlfriend’s name is Nisha. Despite the fact that he is not Baby K’s biological father, he treats him as his own. His biological son Kamiri is the sibling of Baby K’s.

NBA Young Boy Networth (1)

Along with his son Taylin from his relationship with Nia, he also has a son named Kacey from his relationship with Jania. Kodi Capri, his daughter with Drea Symone, was reportedly born in November of 2020. Her daughter, who she refers to as Kens, appears frequently in her Instagram posts.

On January 9, 2021, Yaya and YoungBoy became the proud parents of a son. There are rumours that he and Lapattra Lashai Jacobs are parents to a child.

Motown Records Inks New Deal With NBA YoungBoy

After completing his deal with Atlantic Records this summer, NBA YoungBoy has moved on to a new record company. The rapper from Baton Rouge has signed with Motown, a label owned by Universal Music Group.

YoungBoy has a history of being outspokenly critical of Atlantic and has warned other artists via social media to avoid signing with the label. Reports state that after the release of The Last Slimeto, a 30-song album, in August, he officially finished up his contract with them.

As the home of his Never Broke Again imprint, where he represents rising rap stars like Quando Rondo and NoCap, YoungBoy was already familiar with Motown.

The terms of the rapper’s solo deal with Motown were not disclosed, but Variety reported that their “signing was highly competitive.”

After the contract’s official start date in 2023, YoungBoy will begin releasing music under Motown’s label.

Also in the music industry news, Jamie xx took fans on a world tour in the new “KILL DEM” music video.

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Net Worth

In 2020, he is expected to have a net worth of $11.9 million. His music career is the primary source of that wealth. Among the highest-paid rappers of 2020, Billboard ranked him fourth in 2021. The White Teeth rapper topped the charts with over 1.4 billion video streams, 5th with almost6.2 billion   audio streams, and 3rd with nearly 7 billion total streams.

His earnings are reported to be $10.1 million from streaming, $126,000 from sales, $1.7 million from publishing, and $129,000 from touring.

Net Worth Growth

Year Net Worth
2019 $2 million
2020 $3 million
2021 $6 million
2022 $6 million


  • ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Awards 2021
  • BET Hip Hop Awards 2019
  • BMI R&B/Hip-Hop Awards 2021
  • Grammy Awards 2022
  • BET Hip Hop Awards 2022

Legal  Issues

The arrest occurred in March of last year in Los Angeles, as reported by Stereogum. Despite initially cooperating with local prosecutors, Gaulden is said to have led them on a “high-speed chase” in his Mercedes Maybach after they informed him that a federal warrant had been issued for his arrest due to charges brought against him in September 2020 in Louisiana. Prosecutors say they discovered a FNX.45 calibre pistol, ammunition, cash, and jewellery on Gaulden when he was apprehended.

Rapper Gaulden allegedly tried to elude authorities out of fear, according to his attorneys, who claim their client was unaware of a federal warrant for his arrest. Also, according to the reports, Gaulden’s legal team claimed their client had no idea the gun was in his car and that authorities had no luck identifying his fingerprints on the weapon.

As reported by the press, Judge R. Gary Klausner disallowed the use of song lyrics by Gaulden as evidence during the trial. An individual connected to the purchaser of the gun, the gun model found in his car, and the [jewellery] maker of the [jewellery] found next to the gun were all allegedly referenced in three of the rapper’s songs (‘Gunsmoke,’ ‘Life Support,’ and ‘Lonely Child’), according to the prosecution.

The songs in question, according to Gaulden’s attorneys, were meant as entertainment and “not an admission of other bad acts.” But they argued that the songs “paint the rappers in a bad light and the jury may infer from the song that Mr. Gaulden is a violent person and take those feelings into the deliberation room.”

NBA Young Boy Networth

After deliberating, the jury returned a not guilty verdict for Gaulden, sparing him a possible 10-year prison sentence. A representative for the US Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles told Pitchfork, “We believe the evidence presented in this case supported the charges brought by the grand jury.” We are saddened by the verdict, but we accept the verdict as the verdict of the jury.

As of right now, the rapper is still scheduled to stand trial on federal drug and gun charges in Louisiana, where he is undergoing his second federal trial. In September of 2020, he was taken into custody in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and ultimately faced six charges (three being drug-related, and the others pertaining to the illegal possession of firearms).

Gaulden’s attorneys claimed at the time of his arrest that their client “did not possess any firearms [or] any controlled dangerous substances” and was thus “innocent of the crimes he was arrested for.” In March, a judge dismissed prosecution photo and video evidence on the grounds that it had been illegally obtained.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Allowed Nba Youngboys to Rise to Prominence?

Debuting as one of the year’s rising talents, his trajectory was slightly altered by a six-month stint in jail. After his 2017 freedom, he began a steady stream of mixtapes, EPs, and singles, all of which quickly became Billboard chart mainstays.

Is There a Number One Song by NBA Youngboy?

Billboard reports that NBA Youngboy’s album “Last Slimeto” has debuted at the top of the R&B/hip-hop album chart.

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