Nelk Boys Net Worth: Who Are the Members of the Nelk Boys Team?

As of 2022, Nelk Boys is one of the most popular YouTube channels and entertainment businesses (combined).

In the past five years, the Nelk Boys have attained a level of popularity that no other prank channel has ever achieved. This entertainment firm was started in Canada in 2010, and the Boys grew into a celebrity by uploading prank movies and vlogs to their NELK YouTube channel.

The entertainment company began as a standard prank channel with videos such as coke prank on cops, but the track has now evolved into a wildly popular brand.

Kyle Foregeard, ee ebatan, and Lusa Gararn are the creators of the group Nelk. In 2011, they formed an American video production company and began working on YouTube. Nelk would become a household name in both the media and business industries.

With the launch of their Full Send Podcast, the Boys are expanding to new heights and becoming much more than a simple prank channel. They also look to be securing interviews with Jimmy Gambles and his late-night talk program. So without further ado, let’s discuss the Nelk Boys’ overall net worth, including their salary, sources of income, biographies, lifestyle, and how they began their careers.

Nelk Boys Early Life

On July 6, 2010, Kyle Forgeard and three other partners, including Marko Martinovic, Lucas Gasparini, and Niko, launched the YouTube channel for Nelk Boys. After working together for more than four years, Kyle first met YouTuber Jesse Sebastiani, who was producing his self-published documentary Saved by the Status.

In 2015, Niko and Marko (also known as Martnovs own) departed the organization, and Jesse Sebastiani and Lusa Gararn joined the company.

Kule Foregeard is a well-known Canadian content developer who rose to prominence after co-founding the entertainment firm NELK. Kyle was born in Mississauga, Ontario, on July 12, 1994, to parents Rick and Gayle.

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During his undergraduate years, he was always interested in having fun and spending time with his closest friends. In addition, Kyle has appeared in films such as Ask Vale Film and Internet Son. Soon after graduating, he decided to pursue a career in a fun and started the firm NELK.

Nelk Boys Net Worth

Lusa Gararn is the second member of this group who was born in Greater Sudbury, Sanada, on November 30, 1995. Like his other buddy, Kyle, he was interested in having fun. While in school, he began to pull pranks on his classmates.

Jesse Sebastiani rose to recognition as a member of the prankster group NELK. He assisted the NELK in reaching a higher degree of success by creating humorous rankings for roles. He is also a Canadian actor, social media personality, and YouTube sensation. Sebastiani was born in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada, on June 27, 1993.

Nelk Boys’ Career

The pivotal moment in NELK Boys’ career occurred in January 2015, when they published a video titled Coke Prank on Cops. In a video, they deceived the officers by claiming to have cocaine in the trunk of their vehicle, which brought them to public attention. Cops mistook the coke for cocaine, but they were instructed to say Coca-Cola.

The prank video has gathered more than 48 million views on YouTube, making it the second most viewed video on their channel.

Later, they ran into difficulties when the Los Angeles Police Department alerted the public that the prank was forbidden by putting a notice in the mail.

In May 2019, Kyle, Lucas, and Jesse were gaining popularity on social media, and then Kyle recruited Stephen Deleonardis as a new collaborator.

Nelk Boys Net Worth

The smoking and drinking challenge and prank videos of Stephen Deleonardis, which led to Kyle’s admittance into the team, influenced Kyle’s desire to make his organization one of the leading brands. In February 2020, Salim Sirur and Jay, his cousin, joined the Nelk, bringing the total membership to four.

Nelk Boys Controversies

In September 2020, NELK was again embroiled in controversy and conflict when they hosted a flash mob on the University of Illinois State campus during COVID-19.

The Police Department initiated an investigation on Nelk due to the large gathering that violated COVID-19 laws. At that moment, YouTube demonetized its YouTube channel, and they encountered severe hardship.

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NELK booked a mansion in New Jersey, where the crew met about 1,500 individuals shortly after. The Seaside Heights police intervened and broke up the gathering, resulting in the Nelk brothers’ eviction and arresting of eight of their admirers.

Nelk Boys Business Empire

Similar to other YouTubers, their primary source of income, particularly between 2014 and 2015, is Google Adsense. They were earning an estimated $60,000 per year or $5,000 per month at the time.

But their pranks went beyond what YouTube would like to be associated with, especially considering they pranked YouTube’s headquarters in San Bruno, California, and the Adpocalypse that occurred in 2017.

YouTube started disabling monetization for channels that advertisers found objectionable. They implemented new restrictions on the platform, and NELK was among the first to be affected by these changes and had their AdSense account wholly terminated.

Nelk Boys Net Worth

After gaining immense notoriety, the group decided to create their apparel line, Full Send, which was an instant hit. Jesse and Kyle witnessed the tremendous success of their first retail drop, so they began to release seasonal and monthly merchandise that sold out in days or even hours. Their one-of-a-kind designs make their clothing line exclusive and uncommon.

Nelk Boys Net Worth

As of 2022, the estimated Nelk Boys Net Worth is approximately $5 million US dollars. They are among the world’s most prominent content developers: the YouTube channels, podcasts, clothing brands, and hard seltzer of the company. Happy Dad made them extremely wealthy and is also their primary source of income.

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The Full Send Club has roughly 50,000 members, each paying $20 per month. This generates $1,000,000 per month and $12,000,000 per year. There is also a Full Sned METACARD NFT that has reportedly earned as much as $25 million since its inception.


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In five years, no one will remember the NELK Boys as a standard YouTube pranksters because they will have built an empire. They serve as models for aspiring content creators on how to amass tremendous influence and convert it into real-world revenue streams. Their many verticals generate a fortune for them. Over the past few years, the Nelk Boys’ Net Worth has consistently increased.

Frequently Asked Question

Who Are the Nelk Members?

Current members include Kyle Forgeard, Jesse Sebastiani, Lucas Gasparini, Stephen Deleonardis, Salim Sirur, Aaron “Steiny” Steinberg, “Jimmy Gambles,” Jordan Nwanne, and Austin Ermes.

What Is Kyle Nelk’s Net Worth?

The approximate net worth of Kyle Forgeard is $1.5 million.

How Much Is Nelk Boys’ Net Worth?

The current net worth of Nelk Boys is $5 million.

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