Paul Thomas Anderson Net Worth: How Does He Spend His Money?

American director, screenwriter, and producer Paul Thomas Anderson have a net worth of $70 million. Anderson dropped out of college to work as a production assistant.

His first feature film, “Hard Eight,” which came out in 1996 and was shown at Cannes seven years later, won a lot of praise.

Paul’s first big movie was “Boogie Nights,” which came out in 1997 and was praised by critics and nominated for three Academy Awards. His next movie, “Magnolia,” which came out in 1999, also got three Oscar nominations.

Anderson went on to direct, write, and produce the movies “Punch-Drunk Love” (2002), “There Will Be Blood” (2007), “The Master” (2012), “Inherent Vice” (2014), and “Phantom Thread” (2017).

He has also directed a number of short films, documentaries, and music videos. Paul’s work has won him more than 80 awards.

Paul Thomas Anderson Net Worth

Paul Thomas Anderson’s Net Worth

Paul Thomas Anderson, the most well-known American filmmaker, has a net worth of $70 Million. Several websites, like Wikipedia, Forbes, and Bloomberg, say that the most famous American filmmaker, Paul Thomas Anderson, is worth around $70 million. Paul Thomas is known for making and directing great movies.

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Early Life of Paul Thomas Anderson

Paul Thomas Anderson was born to Edwina and Ernie Anderson on June 26, 1970, in Los Angeles, California. His father was an actor and the voice of Ghoulardi, the host of late-night horror movies.

Paul was very close to his father when he was young, and his father encouraged him to follow his dreams of becoming a writer.

As a child, he went to many different schools, such as Buckley, John Thomas Dye School, Campbell Hall School, Cushing Academy, and Montclair Prep.

As a teen, he started playing around with a Bolex 16-mm camera, and as a senior at Montclair Prep, he made his first movie.

After that, he went to Santa Monica College for two semesters before transferring to Emerson College. Before he started working as a production assistant, Paul also spent two days at New York University.

Cigarettes & Coffee, the first short film he made and directed, was shown at the Sundance Festival Shorts Program in 1993.

The Career of Paul Thomas Anderson

In the late 1990s, Paul Thomas Anderson’s career as a director started to take off. In 1997, he made Boogie Nights, which became a big hit and got him three Oscar nominations.

After this movie did well, Anderson made Magnolia in 1999, which was also a hit and earned Tom Cruise an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

In the 2000s, Anderson kept having success with movies like Punch-Drunk Love in 2002 and There Will Be Blood in 2007.

Both of these movies were well-received by critics. Phantom Thread, his eighth full-length movie, came out in 2017. It was also Daniel Day-last Lewis’s film role to date.

In 2021, he was nominated for three more Oscars for directing Licorice Pizza. During his career, he has also made a lot of music videos for artists like Fiona Apple, Aimee Mann, Radiohead, Michael Penn, and Joanna Newsom.

Personal Life of Paul Thomas Anderson

Paul Thomas Anderson dated singer Fiona Apple from 1997 to 2000, but they broke up after that. Fiona said that Paul’s temper was the reason why they broke up.

Anderson has been with actress and comedian Maya Rudolph since 2001, and they have four kids together: Minnie Ida, Pearl Minnie, Lucille, and Jack.

Paul Thomas Anderson Net Worth

Paul doesn’t talk much about his personal life outside of his work as a filmmaker, and he stays away from social media.

How Does Paul Thomas Anderson Spend His Money?

In 2021, Paul and his wife, Maya, paid $2.6 million for a house in Sherman Oaks, a suburb of Los Angeles. Anderson’s house has three bedrooms and 2,800 square feet of space. It is in one of the most expensive cities in the US.

There is also a big back garden with a pergola, well-kept grass, and fruit trees. It may not be one of the biggest homes in Los Angeles, but it is very nice and fit for a director with such a good name.


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