Take a Look at Peter Forsberg Net Worth, Career and Much More!

Peter Forsberg became well-known for his rough play on the ice, which caused him to get hurt over and over again. Even though the damage to his body cut his career short, Forsberg still had a career that lasted more than 20 years.

Even though he retired in 2011, he has kept making more money by being a smart businessman and investor.

Peter Forsberg Net Worth

Peter Forsberg’s Net Worth

According to celebritynetworth, It is thought that Peter Forsberg has a net worth or income of $54 million. His main job as an ice hockey player has brought him a lot of money.

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Peter Forsberg Early Life

Peter Mattias Forsberg was born in Ornskoldsvik, Sweden, on July 20, 1973. His father, Kent Forsberg, used to coach Modo Hockey. Peter’s father taught him a lot as he was growing up, and that didn’t stop when he became a pro.

When he was young, he played minor hockey. In 1989, in his hometown, he joined Modo Hockey. Even though the Philadelphia Flyers picked him up after his first season as a junior player because of how well he played, Peter chose to stay with Modo until 1995.

Peter Forsberg Career

During the 1994-1995 season, Peter joined the NHL with the Quebec Nordiques and played his first game against the Philadelphia Flyers. During the Stanley Cup Final in 1995, Forsberg became the sixth player in NHL history to score three full goals in a single period.

The Quebec Nordiques moved to Colorado that same year and became the Colorado Avalanche. In 1996, Forsberg helped the Avalanche win the Stanley Cup. In 2001, he did it again, making him a two-time Stanley Cup winner.

Due to the NHL lockout in 2004, Forsberg went back to Modo Hockey for a season. When the lockout ended in 2005, he signed with the Philadelphia Flyers. Before and after his first season with the Flyers, Forsberg had to have surgery on his ankle.

Peter Forsberg Net Worth

He had to miss a lot of games because of these surgeries. In 2007, after the Flyers’ worst season, he was traded to the Nashville Predators. But he went back to the Colorado Avalanche a year later, but soon had to have more surgery on his foot.

Even worse, he hurt his groin in 2008, which kept him out of action for three games. Even though he played until 2011, he decided to quit. He said that foot problems made it hard for him to defend himself on the ice, so he left the rink.

Peter Forsberg’s Personal Life

Peter Forsberg got married to Nicole Nordin in 2010. They have two sons and one daughter together. Since 2018, his family has lived in Zug, Switzerland, but no one outside of their family knows where they live.

Peter and Markus Naslund, a childhood friend, and fellow former hockey player started an organization called Icebreakers to help people in need. This group helps professional hockey players get together to play games that raise money for good causes.


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