How Did Richard Chang Net Worth Grow to $2.5 Million? Let’s Find Out.

Richard Chang Net Worth: Richard Chang is a well-known businessman, reality show star, social worker, and internet personality from New York, United States. He was born on May 30, 1984, and is 38 years old. After working in well-known positions at different companies, he has made a name for himself in the country.

According to what the news said, he was only the Director at Hastens Beds for 3 months. He was also the Director of Merchandise Planning for around 5 years at Calvin Klein.

Richard Chang’s Net Worth

This well-known business executive makes a good living from a number of different sources. Media sources say that he is worth about USD 2.5 million (approx.).

He gets $100,000 from Un Poco Loco, $250,000 per year from Director, $400,000 per year from Senior Vice President, $500,000 per year from Chief Growth Officer, and more. He lives in a house that is worth a lot of money. He also has brand-name cars at home.

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Richard Chang Net Worth

Richard Chang Biography

Richard Chang Wiki: Chang likes to spend the 30th of May with his family to celebrate his birthday. He also posts pictures of his parties on his social media accounts. He was also born to his parents in New York, United States, in 1984.

He only lived in his hometown and worked there. In addition, as of 2022, he is 38 years old and is an American citizen. According to the news, he and his siblings went to a private school for elementary and middle school.

According to reports, he went to the Stern School of Business at New York University and got a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Marketing with a minor in Photography in 2006. After he finished school, he went to work to reach his goals.


After finishing school, Richard Chang went to work for Barneys New York as a Sales Associate in 2006. Later, he went to work at FTI Consulting as a Consultant for Forensic and Litigation. In March 2010, he started working at Calvin Klein as the Manager for Global Sourcing.

Later, Calvin Klein made him a Merchandise Planner and then the Director of Merchandise Planning. In August 2017, after 7 years on the job, he quit. He founded an experiential fast-casual taco restaurant concept named ‘Un Poco Loco’.

He mixed art and food through this business. After many years, a lot of time, and hard work, he left the company in February 2019. He later became NEOU’s Head of Talent.

In March 2021, he became the Director of the group Hastens Beds. He is the Chief Growth Officer of Hudson Medical + Wellness right now, which means he helps the company make more money.

Richard Chang Family

Richard Chang’s father and mother have always encouraged him to start his own business. We did a lot of research and found out that he is very close to his mother, who works day and night to give her kids a better life. So the story goes, his mother ran a small Chinese bank. In August 2022, she found out that she had pancreatic cancer.

After a 9-hour major Whipple Surgery, she is said to have done well. But no one knows what his mother’s name is right now. On the other hand, we don’t know very much about his father, either. Also, he has never posted a picture of himself and his dad on any of his social media accounts.

Richard’s brothers, Evelyn Chu and Jason Chu, are two of the best people he knows. On this page, you can find out more about his family. But he is Asian and a Christian.

Are Richard Chang and Vika Abbyaeva Together?

Chang is smart, and he likes to talk about his relationships on the internet. He has a relationship with a beautiful woman named Vika Abbyaeva. The couple has been together for two to three years and is very happy.

The two of them were on the reality show “Bling Empire: New York” together. Let me tell you that Vika Abbyaeva is a reality show star and an influential person on the internet with thousands of followers. Fans will be surprised to learn that the couple is 11 years apart in age, but that they put their love first.

Richard Chang Net Worth

Let me tell you that “Bling Empire: New York” was filmed more than a year ago. On the show, Richard proposed to Vika, but she stopped him halfway through. She said that she doesn’t think now is a good time for her to get married.

She wants to learn more about the people around her and spend more time with them. Chang was sorry about what she said. After seeing the episode, their fans started looking for information about whether or not they are still together.

From what I can tell from their social media accounts, the couple seems to be happy together and wants to spend more time together. They also went on vacation to Italy and seem to be very happy.


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