Rod Wave Net Worth:2022| How Much Does Rod Wave Weight?, Latest Updates!

America’s own Rod Wave is a multi-talented musician who raps, sings, and writes songs. He gained fame thanks to his commanding vocals and innovative blend of R&B and hip-hop. In 2019, Green shot to fame thanks to his tune “Heart on Ice,” which became a massive hit on YouTube and TikTok before reaching number 25 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Rod Wave Net Worth

Early Life

The real identity of Rod Wave is Rodarius Marcell Green. In the United States of America, on the 27th of August, 1999, he was born in the city of St. Petersburg, in the state of Florida. American songwriter, singer, rapper, and recording artist.

His first full-length studio album, titled “Rookie of the Year,” was released in 2017. The songs “Tomorrow,” “Heart Break Hotel,” and “Bag” are only a handful of his most well-known works.

His most recent CD, titled “Pray for Love,” came out while the globe was grappling with the “Covid 19″ problem.

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Weight And Height

Today, 22-year-old Rod Wave celebrates his birthday on August 27, 1999. He stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) with a weight of 221 lb (100 kg).


Rod Wave’s career began in 2016 with the release of his debut mixtape, Hunger Games Vol 1. After that, he went on to release a number of further mixtapes on his own before signing with Alamo records. It was on his 2019 mixtape PTSD, published on June 14th, that the song Heart on ice first appeared.

As a result of its success on TikTok and YouTube, this song eventually reached number 25 on the Billboard hot 100. Following that, on November 1, 2019, he dropped his debut album, which likewise became a huge commercial success.

On April 3, Rod unveiled his second studio album, titled pray four love, 2020. The deluxe edition of this album, released on August 7th, opened at number one on the Billboard 200. His albums and singles have all reached the top ten on the Billboard Hot 100, a fitting accolade for such a talented performer.

In large part due to his powerful voice, his records have always been well received by listeners. Cold December, his debut single, was published in the year 22. That same year, on April 25th, he declared that he had started listening to the Beautiful Mind album.

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Personal Life

In the year 2022, he will have turned 22. As for Rod Wave’s true identity, his birth name is Rodarious Marcell Green. He met and began seeing a stunning woman named Kelsey H. What’s more, he’s related to the withering ancestor in the flesh. From Kelsey, he’s also got a set of identical twin girls. His romantic history is currently unknown.

Rod Wave Net Worth

A automobile accident in the early 2000s nearly took Rod’s life. Because of the collision, he suffered from cerebral haemorrhaging. His life-changing mishap was detailed in the song “Through the Wire,” which he wrote about it.

Net Worth

For 2022, Forbes predicts that Rod Wave’s net worth will be close to $3 million USD. One of the most popular people on social media and YouTube, he is quickly becoming a household name in the United States. He has accomplished a great deal at such a young age.

The young rapper has just begun his career, but all signs indicate that he will soon join the ranks of other notable rappers, such as Future. Rod Wave makes almost $40,000 monthly in salary.

Album sales, live performances, and streaming services all contribute significantly to his wealth. To add to his wealth, he also makes money off of the millions of daily views and subscribers he receives on his YouTube channel. Rod Waves earns more than $300,000 a year.

Awards And Nominations

Rod Wave’s career spans a wide variety of projects. People enjoyed his performance, and the critics praised him for it. In 2021, he was recognised as a rising star in the music industry and nominated for a Billboard Music Award. In his exclusive interviews, he said that winning an award is gratifying because it shows that others recognise your hard work and appreciate it.

As an added bonus, he mentioned how great it is to be recognised for one’s efforts. The vast majority of performers in the music industry now attend award events to help spread the genre’s fame worldwide. He has been nominated for the most awards for his work on billboards and other media.

Car Collection

  • Maclaren GT –  $ 250,000
  • Ford Raptor – $120,000
  • Mini Cooper – $40,000
  • BMW Sedan – $ 19,000

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Popular Is Rod Wave?

After the debut of his new album, SoulFly, Rod Wave ascended to the top of the Rolling Stone Artists 500 chart. The artist reached the top spot for the week of March 26th through April 1st thanks to an incredible 202.1 million song streams.

In What Ways Can a Rod Be Waved?

In order to book Rod Wave or any other entertainer or celebrity for your next fundraiser or gala, all you need to do is fill out our entertainment request form or call our office at (212) 645-0555.

How Many Copies of the Rod Wave Record Were Sold?

A total of 3,204,000 records were sold by ROD WAVE, with an identical number sold in the US alone. Over 1,204,000 copies of SOULFLY have been purchased, making it ROD WAVE’s best-selling album.

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