Ron Suno Net Worth: How Rich Is the Rapper?

Keron Joel Foriest, better known as Ron Suno, is an American drill rapper, comedian, dancer, YouTube Star, and Instagram Star. He is best known for the funny videos and music clips he posts on Instagram.

Ron just announced that his new album, “Jokes Up,” will come out on May 22, 2021, and that Empire Distribution will put it out in June 2021.

Early Life of Ron Suno

Ron Suno Net Worth

Keron Joel Foriest gave birth to Ron Suno on August 3, 2000, in Co-op City, Bronx, USA. He has liked rap songs ever since he was a child. He began to rap and freestyle when he was in the second grade. Ron sang rap songs in class and front of his friends. However, they didn’t say anything good about him. In his style, he became more and more like a clown.

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After that, he became interested in comedy instead of music. He is naturally funny, so he started putting online funny comedy videos. This time, people who watched his funny videos on social media sites like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok were able to give him good feedback.

Ron Suno’s Career

Ron Suno Net Worth

In 2017, Ron started a new trend on social media called #WeaveChallenge. He did make a live-streamed video about eggs hatching on Facebook. As soon as the video and the challenge went viral, he became very popular on social media. Later, NBA2K18 took his weave challenge to the next level. But he was distraught with NBA2K18 because they didn’t acknowledge him or give him money for his work.

Ron’s first song, “Key to the Streets,” was written in 2018. It came out on November 13, 2018, on SoundCloud. The music has been played 473K times on SoundCloud so far. In December 2018, he released a new song with Shawny Escobar called “No hook.” Howie 00, a rapper, is also in the music.

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Suno’s first EP, “New Boss,” came out in 2019. There are 7 songs on the EP, some of which are very popular, like “With My Crew” and “Party on Jump.” He also promoted the song on YouTube and Instagram to get people excited. But in October 2019, when he put out the hit song “Pinnochio,” that was his big moment. His dance number made everyone go crazy.

Pinnochio, his hit song, was played 6 million times on Spotify and had 9 million views on YouTube and 15 million on TikTok. In February 2020, Ron released another hit song, “Spider-Man.” On February 8, 2020, the official music video for the song came out. So far, over 6.1 million people have watched the song on YouTube.

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Ron’s first studio album, “Swag Like Mike,” came out in June 2020. The album has 9 tracks, and 5 other artists are also on it. In September 2020, he released a new song called “Wraith,” which was a collaboration with the rapper DDG. The song was watched more than 2.1 million times on YouTube. He is ready with his second album, “Jokes Up,” and will come out in June 2021.

Ron Suno’s Height, Weight, and Other Physiques

Ron Suno is about 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm) tall and weighs about 75 kg (165 pounds). We don’t know his height, weight, chest size, arm size, or waist size. In the same way, both his hair and eyes are black.

Ron Suno Personal Life

Ron Suno hasn’t said anything about his relationships with women yet. He seems to be paying more attention to his job since he hasn’t been in the news because of his rumored relationships.

Even so, he just posted a video of himself with an unknown woman on Instagram. The video’s title was “This Is How I Felt When I Woke Up Today.” On Instagram, 1 million people are following Ron.

Net Worth of Ron Suno

Ron Suno Net Worth

In 2022, Ron Suno’s net worth will be about $500,000 US. He is one of the best up-and-coming drill rappers in the United States. His comedy videos and music clips on social media have helped him get a lot of attention. Ron Suno brings in more than $15,000 every month.

Most of his money comes from the music business, like selling albums, streaming music, and playing live shows. The rapper also makes a good amount of money from his YouTube channel, which more than 51 million people have seen. Ron’s net worth has been increasing since he released his first album every year. Ron Suno makes more than $100,000 a year.


What’s Ron Suno’s Age?

Ron Suno was born in Co-Op City, New York, on August 3, 2000. As of 2022, he is 21 years old.

How Much Does Ron Suno Make a Year?

Ron Suno makes more than $100,000 a year.

How Rich Is the Rapper Ron Suno?

In 2022, it is thought that Ron Suno’s net worth will be around USD 500,000.

What Is Ron Suno’s Real Name?

His real name is Keron Joel Foriest, but most people know him as Ron Suno, his stage name.

What Is Ron Suno’s Height?

Ron Suno has a height of 5 feet 11 inches.

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