Ruth Handler Net Worth: What is The Story Behind Barbie?

American entrepreneur and inventor Ruth Marianna Handler. She is best known for creating the Barbie doll in 1959 and served as the company’s first president from the time the Handlers were forced to leave Mattel in 1974 until 1978, when she was found guilty of filing false information with the Securities and Exchange Commission. She co-founded Mattel, Inc. with her husband in January 1945.

Early Life

Ruth Marianna Mosko, the daughter of Polish-Jewish immigrants Ida Mosko and Jacob Mosko, was born in Denver, Colorado. In 1938, she relocated to Los Angeles after getting hitched to Elliot Handler, her high school sweetheart. Her spouse made their furniture out of two recently discovered polymers, Plexiglas and Lucite. He started doing this for profit at Ruth Handler’s suggestion, and together they started a furniture company. Ruth Handler served as the company’s sales representative and won contracts with companies like Douglas Aircraft Company and others.

Ruth Handler Net Worth

Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Ruth Handler had a net worth of $100 million. She was an American inventor and businesswoman. In November 1916, Ruth Handler was born in Denver, Colorado, and she died there in April 2002. She founded the Barbie doll and served as president of the toy firm Mattel Inc. Before founding Mattel with her husband and his business partner Harold “Matt” Matson to manufacture picture frames, she began a furniture business with her husband Elliot Handler.

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The “Uke-a-doodle” toy ukulele was the company’s first significant success after it began to produce dollhouse furniture. Ruth observed how constrained paper dolls were when she watched Handler’s daughter Barbara play with them. She modified the design of a German Bild Lilli doll, which was intended as an amusing adult present, into Barbie. At the New York Toy Fair in 1959, the Barbie doll made its premiere. The 1987 movie Barbie and the Rockers: Out of this World bears Ruth’s writing credit. On April 27, 2002, Ruth Handler, then 85 years old, passed unexpectedly from complications following colon cancer surgery.

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The Story Behind Barbie

Ruth Elliott Handler and Harold Matson, Ruth’s husband and business partner, established Mattel Inc. in 1945. The business was initially founded as a maker of photo frames, but as its founders began constructing dollhouses from leftover wood, it gradually evolved into a toy manufacturer. But Ruth’s inventiveness was what gave Mattel its American reputation. Ruth’s daughter Barbara Handler has always had a soft spot for paper dolls. Instead of engaging in play with them like children her own age, she would treat them like grownups. Ruth, a loving mother, quickly learned that kids prefer to mature while playing.

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Children, according to Ruth, are more interested in the future than the present. Ruth was inspired by this to create three-dimensional adult dolls instead of paper dolls like the others. Instead of loose paper clothes like traditional dolls, the printed plastic dolls can wear clothing made of genuine fabric. Ruth debuted her brand-new doll in 1959 at the New York Toy Fair. And Barbie was chosen as a tribute to her daughter. And after spending a lot of money on advertising in the Mickey Mouse Club, Mattel achieved success beyond Ruth and her husband’s greatest expectations thanks to the sales of Barbie dolls.

Ruth Handler Net Worth

About Ruth ton Corporation

Ruth had a dire breast cancer diagnosis in the year 1970. To save his life, a modified radical mastectomy was performed, but Ruth was not prepared to live with the resulting disfigurement. There weren’t many options for breast prosthesis at the time. Ruth, a determined and resourceful lady, made the decision to construct it herself. She created and produced the Nearly Me, a lifelike breast prosthesis. She used it to launch Ruth ton Corp., which now sells its goods to cancer patients all over the world.

Ruth continued to work for Ruth ton Corp., but she was generally absent from the company’s production. Barbie and Rockers doll manufacture was Ruth’s last significant contribution to Ruth ton. Ruth was recognised as the writer of a 1987 movie with the same name. Ruth was admitted to the Junior Achievement Business Hall of Fame of the United States in 1997. At the age of 85, Ruth passed away in 2002 following complications after surgery to treat colon cancer, but her memory endures. One of the most well-liked and successful toys for young girls in America and around the world was still the Barbie doll.

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