Simple Habit Net Worth: Latest Updates, After Appearing on Shark Tank!

These days, people are so rushed that they neglect their mental health by not taking enough breaks at work. This resulted from Simple Habit, a meditation software created by Yunha Kim to help people deal with stress. She tried to get funding for her company on Shark Tank, but no deals were made.

Simple HAabit Net Worth

The History of the Inventor

As a native Californian, Yunha Kim was born and raised in the Bay Area. She attended Duke University and went on to intern for the UN and McKinsey & Company. Kim began her work as an analyst at Jefferies & Company, a financial services firm.

In 2013, she co-founded the technology startup Locket, which was also her first commercial venture. Using an app called Locket, you may get personalized updates on your phone’s lock screen. For over two years until Wish bought out the company in 2015, she was at the helm as CEO. Moreover, she put in the time and effort necessary to earn an

In addition to her day job, she pursued an MBA at Stanford University, so she needed to find ways to relax after a busy day at work.

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Is there still a Simple Habit?

Simple Habit, our meditation software, is still available, but we’ve now got Sleep Reset, which is brand new and aims to improve users’ quality of sleep. Not only that but there were only 400,000 users of Braze when we first started using it in 2017. We’ve hit 7 million users by 2022!

Exposure on “Shark Tank”

Season 9 of Shark Tank aired in 2017, and Yunha Kim was there, seeking $600,000 for 5%. She starts her presentation by suggesting that the Sharks take a deep breath and centre themselves. But she wasn’t prepared for what happened next.

There were 500,000 users of Simple Habit at this time, and 5,000 paying customers generated $750,000 in annual recurring revenue. The company was profitable and growing at a rate of 50% per quarter. A fight broke out after Kim revealed that only $500,000 of the $2.8 million available had been spent.

No one on the “Shark Tank” could figure out why she needed additional money. Many people, including Mark Cuban, criticised her for being there just for the attention it would bring her. Yunha turned down a $600,000 offer for 20% from a group including Robert Herjavec and Richard Branson. In light of the fact that Yunha’s prior investors had put up money at a $10 million valuation, she was unable to accept the offer.

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Developing Simple Habit

In 2015, Yunha abandoned her graduate studies to launch her second firm, a meditation software aimed at the time-pressed. While developing the software, she consulted a psychologist from Harvard for advice.

Simple Habit Net Worth

In 2016, she released an app designed to help individuals get better sleep and cope with stress. Its target audience consists largely of stressed-out young professionals.

In order to access the premium services, users must pay $49 to $99 every year. Nearly 75,000 people downloaded the app that first night. She also managed to raise $2.800.000 to go toward the expansion.

Simple Habit After Shark Tank

There was a dramatic increase in the app’s popularity after the episode aired. The app has over a million downloads by the end of 2017. There are currently 5 million users of the app, with a steady influx of 80,000 new users each and every month.

Shark Tank’s exposure and user growth aided Yunha in its pursuit of additional funding. She managed to attract over $12.8 million in funding from prominent firms like New Enterprise Associates, Y Combinator, and Foundation Capital.

Along with other popular meditation apps like Calm, Headspace, and Insight Timer, Simple Habit has quickly risen in the ranks., a highly regarded resource, chose it as the top meditation app. There is a $12 million valuation on Simple Habit based on annual revenues of roughly $5 million.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Exactly How Much Money Does Yunha Kim Have?

She gave Simple Habit a valuation of $12 million, which was among the highest ever on Shark Tank. However, she reasoned that it was worthwhile because she had an established clientele and funding. Because of the success of similar apps like Calm and Headspace, Kim is confident that her product will be a smashing success.

How Well Did You Find Success Using Simple Habit?

Foundation Capital, Y Combinator, New Enterprise Associates (NEA), and numerous other notable Silicon Valley CEOs, such as Drew Houston of Dropbox and Joshua Reeves of Gusto, have contributed to Simple Habit’s $12.8 million funding round. Both Forbes 30 Under 30 and Marie Claire’s New Guard recognised Kim.

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