Wanna Date Net Worth: How Does Wanna Date Work?

Wanna Date is a dairy-free, oil-free, vegan spread that contains no sugar. The food is healthy, sugar-free, low in calories, and vegan-friendly. Although Wanna Date spread comes in a variety of flavors, dates are the main component.
Chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, and pumpkin spice are typical flavors. It also contains fibre, vitamins, and essential minerals. These characteristics contribute to its healthy global distribution.

How Does Wanna Date Work?

In place of nut butter and jam, there is a spread called Wanna Date. It’s used with bread, sweets, cakes, muffins, and other baked goods. Dates are the main component of the product, which is suitable for all customers, including vegans.

Wanna Date Net Worth

Who Founded Wanna Date?

Wanna Date was started by Melissa Bartow. She started this business in 2017. When she started the business, she was still a New York University student earning a bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurship. After earning her degree, Melissa worked as a brand ambassador, magazine photographer, and waitress for a food truck.

A well-known television personality and businesswoman, Melissa is also. She currently serves as Wanna Date’s co-founder and president, in charge of all daily operations.

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What Is the Net Worth of Wanna Date?

Wanna Date net worth is estimated to be $2 000,000.

Wanna Date Business Before Shark Tank 

Melissa discovered dates, which is when Wanna Date was born. When Melissa found dates and fell in love with them, she decided to pursue her degree in New York. She was convinced that these fruits had all the nutrients required to maintain good health and provide the body with adequate energy. She was able to acquire an internship at a grocery shop while still in college. She put in a lot of effort. She was disappointed to learn that the food vendors had added sugar to the supposedly healthful products on their menu. This setback served as the basis for the creation of Wanna Date.

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Melissa looked into if dates may take the place of sugar. Unfortunately, there was no product; this is a prime example. She made the decision to buy a food processor and converted her dorm room at the university into a processing facility for date butter. Her research and the opinions of her friends were favourable. Melissa made the decision to launch a crowdfunding campaign on the Indiegogo website in order to make her dream come true. Through the campaign, she was able to raise almost $10,000. Melissa enrolled in Google’s Company 101 programme as well and studied business management. Through web marketing, she put the concept into practise and began to generate some sales. Melissa wanted to grow her business and clientele when she found success. Without investors, this goal could not be accomplished. She made the decision to approach the Sharks and try to get an investment.

Wanna Date Net Worth

Wanna Date Closing Deal in Shark Tank 

Melissa agrees to take Mark’s $100,000 offer in exchange for a 33% ownership stake in Wanna Date. The deal is completed and sealed.

Wanna Date After Shark Tank 

With Mark Cuban, a contract was reached for Wanna Date. The Shark Tank programme gave the business a viral boost. Its items attracted attention and earned favourable reviews. Whole Food Market Stores, a location that many brands find difficult to access, was where Melissa was able to purchase the item.

Mark successfully closed the agreement, which was essential for providing financing for R&D initiatives. Melissa used the funds to increase the company’s distribution options. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Wanna Date was successful in running its business and expanding its clientele.

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Current Update: Is Wanna Date Still in Business?

Even though Mark withheld information on whether the transaction was successful, Date Dough’s launch provides proof that it was. For the funding, Mark had asked Melissa to create a date-based flavour. One can utilise the date-based Date Dough in their baking projects at home.

Wanna Date is still operating today. Through its website and Amazon, the business sells its products online. Additionally, it may be found at more than 128 supermarkets in the Midwest, with a lifetime sales total of $4 million as of January 2022. The corporate headquarters of Wanna Date are in New York, USA. It continues to be one of the flourishing startups from the Shark Tank pitches. The company consented to stock its goods in Whole Foods’ aisles.

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