Whitney Rose Husband Net Worth: Highlight of “RHOS: Las Vegas” is Whitney ‘s Marriage to Her Husband!

American businessman Justin Rose married Whitney Rose. His television personality and businesswoman wife, Whitney, is a household name. Recently, news broke that Justin Rose’s wife Whitney Rose is a cast member on the Bravo reality show Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (RHOSLC). Keep reading to find out everything there is to know about Justin and Whitney Rose, including how much money they make, who they’re married to, and how they got together.

Whitney Rose Husband Net Worth

 Who is Whitney Rose?

The 30th of September, 1986, found Whitney Rose being born in Utah, USA. She spent her childhood in the local Mormon enclave. According to rumours, Steve Lesh, her father, had a hard time controlling his substance misuse. She may have had siblings, but we don’t know their names or where they are because she has never mentioned her mother.

St. Mary’s College in Moraga, California, was where Whitney Rose got her education. She received her BA in Business Administration in 2016. She has recently settled in Utah’s capital city.

 Who is Justin Rose?

Whitney Rose’s husband Justin Rose stars on Real Housewives of Los Angeles County. At LifeVantage, Justin served as Chief Sales Officer for over seven years before being promoted to his current position in September 2020.

According to his LinkedIn profile, he holds a degree in international relations and business administration from Brigham Young University. The couple has been married for over ten years; they met and fell in love while working at Nu Skin.

Whitney worked in the Regional Events and Recognition division while Justin served as President of North America. The couple has been together on RHOSLC for a while now, despite their 18-year age gap.

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 Best Relationships on ‘RHOSLC’

Whitney and Justin were merely coworkers when they started dating several years before she was cast on RHOSLC. He is 18 years older than Whitney, and in that time he has started a family and lived his life. Their affair led to their own wedding, and since then they haven’t given it any thought.

In addition to his role as chief sales officer at RHOSLC, Justin is also the chief sales officer of LifeVantage, a health and wellness company. Before that, he was the vice president of Shaklee Corporation. However, he met Whitney when he was president of the company Nu Skin Enterprises. Whitney is well aware of Justin’s status as a local celebrity in Salt Lake City.


Whitney and her husband Justin have raised two children, Bobbie and Brooks Rose. And from his first marriage to Stasie Koford, Justin has three sons.

Whitney Rose Husband Net Worth

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Whitney Rose Net worth

Realhousewives.net and Full Celebs agree that while initial estimates put Whitney Rose’s personal net worth at about US$3 million, a more realistic assessment puts the Salt Lake City stunner’s fortune at somewhere around US$1 million.

Whitney Rose Husband’s Net Worth

In business, Justin has plenty of experience. Together with his wife Whitney, he has substantial business ownership experience. Without a doubt, Justin has collected ostentatious mansions and properties. As of January 2022, sources predict that Justin Rose’s net worth is $3 million. On the other side, prosperous businesspeople live a life of prestige. However, they are able to provide for themselves enough because to their business.

 Justin Rose, is a successful entrepreneur in the United States. Previous employers for Justin Rose’s marketing expertise include Aveda, Nu Skin Enterprise, and Melaleuca: USANA Health Sciences. In addition to his work at LifeVantage Corporation, Justin is currently employed by another company.

Whitney Rose Husband’s Career

Rose has a varied marketing background, having worked for companies like Nu Skin Enterprises, Aveda, Melaleuca: The Wellness Company, USANA Health Sciences, and LifeVantage Corporation. The media exposure he’s had since RHOSLC‘s debut, however, has led to the disclosure that he’s had legal issues. Vitamins and minerals are what LifeVantage is all about. The success of the business hinges on the efforts of individuals to close deals and bring on new representatives.

In 2018, the company was hit with a class action lawsuit alleging that it was running a pyramid scam. Rose, in his capacity as Chief Sales Officer, was named in the case among other company leaders. Despite the fact that all charges but one were withdrawn due to a lack of evidence, the case is still proceeding. Justin and the business have not responded.

Whitney Rose Career

Reality show star and entrepreneur Whitney. While she is now a Reality TV star, she was previously employed at Nu skin Enterprise. Between 2007 and 2008, she was an employee who occasionally led the company at regional events. In 2009, she left her job and began working with InVision Communications.

She worked for the corporation as an account executive in direct sales. The announcement that she would be a part of the group of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City was undoubtedly her biggest break. She’s not only a reality show star, but also a powerful businesswoman.

Before Rose made it on the show, she already had a successful business. She continues to build her company and her name recognition.

Whitney Rose “Beauty Brand”

The reality star also has a well-known line of cosmetics called Iris+Beau. In 2017, she co-founded a natural skin care company. She has just declared that she will be changing the name of the brand from Iris+Beau to Wild Rose Beauty.

She explained the origins of her company by saying she’d always had terrible skin and used her ingenuity to develop a remedy. She detailed the process of combining organic components to create effective skin oils.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Up With Whitney and Lisa Not Being Bffs?

Whitney revealed in an interview before the premiere on Wednesday night that she and her cousin had a fight throughout the season, which led to tension between them. She also discussed the cheating suspicions surrounding Lisa Barlow and how she felt about Jen Shah’s new plea deal.

Where in Utah Does Whitney Call Home?

At dawn in South Jordan, Utah, the Bravo series The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City films at the home of Whitney Rose and her husband Justin.

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