Yeat Net Worth: How Much Money Does He Earn With His Passion?

Yeat is a rapper, songwriter, and producer from the United States. He is well-known for songs like “Money So Big,” “Sorry Bout That,” and many more that were big hits. Up to this point, he has been making music for about seven years. As we go on, you can learn more about his net worth, height, wiki, age, bio, real name, girlfriend, slang, weight, manager, hair, family, ethnicity, and more.

Yeat Wiki

Yeat was born on February 26, 2000, in Irvine, California, USA, to an American family. Noah Oliver Smith is his real name, and Pisces is his star sign. He went to Lakeridge High School and got his diploma there. But it is thought that he hasn’t gone to college to get a higher education.

He is a mix of races (Mexican-Romanian). So far, he hasn’t put any information about his family on the Internet. We will change them as soon as possible. He has never been married, and he is currently single. Also, there is no information about who he has dated in the past.

Yeat Career

Yeat started rapping when he was very young. He realized that music was his dream when he was a teenager, and after he graduated from high school, he put all of his attention on music. He moved to New York to pursue music for a while.

Yeat Net Worth

As was already said, he started making rap music in 2015 under the name Lil Yeat. He is about 15 years old at that time. But he has completely removed all of his early music from the Internet. When we look at his Spotify account, we see that his first single, Loot, with Jban$2Turnt, was uploaded in 2018.

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After his first single, he released his first EP, Deep Blue Strips. At the end of that year, he released another song called “Rockin’ It.” The following year, he released his second EP, which had seven songs and was called Different Creature. Also, his first album, Wake Up Call, came out that year. Throughout these years, he kept putting out new albums and EPs regularly.

He released an album called Up 2 Me and a mixtape called 4L in 2021. These things gave him the fame he had always deserved. Many hits, like “Sorry Bout That” and “Money Twerk,” were on the album. Money so big was the only song on the mixtape. The slang is what makes his music stand out.

Most of Noah’s fans love his unique way of speaking. People on Tiktok were the first to use his music in their videos. From there, people started to find his music, and by the end of 2021, his music career had taken off significantly. He has already put out the album 2 Alive so far in 2022. He is now one of the youngest rappers in the country who has made it big.

Yeat’s Wealth

Yeat is worth 2.5 million dollars (estimated). Music is his primary source of income. As per Wikipedia, he is signed with Geffen Records, Field Trip Records, and TwizzyRich Entertainment. As a rapper, he makes money by selling and streaming his songs. Recently, the rapper’s songs have been getting millions of plays on different music streaming services.

How Yeat Grew Up and Went to School

Yeat was raised in Irvine by his Romanian mother and Mexican father. Because he respects their privacy, not much is known about them, but it is known that his father is a used-car salesman and that his mother is a cleaner. Most people think Yeat is only a teen because he hasn’t talked about having siblings.

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Yeat was interested in many things when he was young, but rap music was his main interest. In his teenage years, he moved away from his family and went to Lakeridge High School in Portland, Oregon. Yeat did many different things while there for four years, like performing with the school’s drama club, creative practice writing, and playing soccer, but rap was still his main interest.

Yeat Net Worth

After graduating from high school in 2018, he moved to New York State to get a music business job, but he quickly moved back to Los Angeles, California.

Yeat Become a Rapper Journey

Yeat put his first songs online in 2015 under the name “Lil Yeat.” However, he has since deleted all these early songs for unknown reasons.

Yeat started getting noticed on July 1, 2018, when his song “Br! nk” was posted on the YouTube channel “Elevator.” Since then, more than 50,000 people have watched it. On September 20, 2018, his first mixtape, “Deep Blue Strips,” came out. On February 21, 2019, the music video for his song “Stay Up” was posted on the YouTube channel “Elevator.

Yeat’s on YouTube

Yeat started his YouTube channelYeat Music” on April 7, 2018. Almost 100,000 people have already subscribed to it, and his six videos have been watched more than 10 million times. All of them are music videos for his most famous songs, and here are three of the most popular ones that have helped him get many subscribers.

Yeat Net Worth

Since August 29, 2021, more than seven million people have watched Yeat’s number one video, “Get Busy [Official Music Video].” Since July 14, 2021, more than two million people have watched his number two video, “Money Twerk [Official Music Video].” Since November 1, 2021, “All of it (feat. Yung Kayo) [Official Video], Yeat’s #3 video, has been thought about almost 1,000,000 times.

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Yeat’s music is known for his Auto-Tuned vocals, and he has only recently started using “rage beats.” He is often compared to rappers Young Thug, Future, and Playboi Carti, but he has said that Future has been his most significant influence.

Life With a Girlfriend and Love

Yeat doesn’t want the media to know about his love life, so he hasn’t talked about any women or men he may have been with. However, there are a lot of rumors online about his past and present relationships, as well as his sexual orientation.

Some of Yeat’s fans think he was once in a relationship with Symone Ryley, an American woman who was popular on Instagram but has since deleted her account for reasons no one knows. She posted many pictures of them together on the history and blocked people who said Yeat’s real name, “Noah Oliver Smith,” in the comments section of the photos. The two had probably been together for about a year.

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