Zeina Khoury Net Worth: Is She’s a Real Estate Tycoon?

Dubai Bling, the newest reality TV phenomenon on Netflix, provides an inside look at the lifestyle of a select group of extremely wealthy people in the Middle East. Everything is mixed in, including status, wealth, marital problems, and drama, of course. Zeina Khoury, a successful businesswoman who also works as a TV and radio personality, is one of the show’s early standouts. In conclusion, Zeina is undeniably at ease in front of the camera.

But there is also a lot going on in the background. So, let’s go over everything you need to know about Zeina’s life.

Who is Zeina Khoury?

Zeina was raised and born in Lebanon, and her educational background is very impressive (more on that in a sec). She relocated to Dubai in 2006 to begin her career, and she now controls a sizable real estate empire. She was also a founding partner of the website BookAnyService.com, as stated on her LinkedIn profile.

But that’s not all. She hosts the Property Talks with Zeina real estate Instagram Live show and works as a TV and radio personality when she’s not selling real estate.

Zeina Khoury Net Worth

Zeina Khoury Net Worth 2022

Zeina Khoury’s estimated net worth as of 2022 is $2.81 million (According to celebsweek). Through her career, she has amassed a million-dollar empire.

Born on December 13, 1983, Zeina Khoury is a well-known entrepreneur and social media celebrity. Zeina Khoury’s career has brought in a respectable sum of money.

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Zeina Khoury Education

She went to London Business School.

Zeina is undoubtedly intelligent. According to her LinkedIn profile, she attended Columbia Business School, the Wharton Online programme at the University of Pennsylvania, and graduated from the London Business School earlier this year.

According to Fact Magazine, she first earned a degree in finance in Lebanon before relocating to the United Arab Emirates.

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She’s the ‘Queen of Versace’

Versace would be pleased, Donatella! Khoury is a passionate advocate for the high-end clothing line, frequently sporting its newest looks as seen on her Instagram page. The label’s real estate project, which Khoury oversees as a property consultant, according to her LinkedIn profile, is the main factor in why she was given such a title.
The brunette bombshell received a sales offer from Emirates Sunland, the company that constructed Dubai’s Palazzo Versace hotel, according to her introduction on the programme. She rose to the position of top salesperson within three months. She now oversees a large portfolio of upscale properties for Versace in the city through her new business.
Zeina Khoury Net Worth

She’s a Real Estate Tycoon

When Khoury first arrived in Dubai, she worked her way up the corporate ladder at Emirates Sunland. However, in 2012, she made the decision to switch employers and become the CEO of High Mark Real Estate Brokers.
The real estate guru provided specifics about her position at the top of the organisation on her profile, which included managing a portfolio of illustrious property clients in Dubai and hand-selecting a top-notch sales team to promote them. She “consistently smashes sales targets and increases company growth,” Khoury continued.
The multi-hyphenate talent is also a co-founder of BookAnyService.com, a marketplace powered by AI for on-demand services from dentists to pet sitters and nail technicians. Although it’s unclear if the platform, which was introduced in 2014 and bills itself as the “souk for your services,” is still in operation given that its social media pages have been dormant for years and its website no longer functions.

She’s Also a Mom

Joe, Zeina’s son, and Alexa, her daughter, occasionally appear on her Instagram page. Her husband, Hanna Azzi, who appears on the show but has no active Instagram, and she have two children together (or at least one that I can find). By the way, according to RealityTitBit, Hanna has been employed as general manager of Nikki Beach Hotels & Resorts EMEA for many years.

Zeina Khoury Net Worth

Zeina recently wrote on Instagram that she does everything for their children because she loves them so much. “I feel and hear all of the working women out there. They will be pleased with us.

She Loves Dubai

Zeina recently described her city as a “second home” in an interview with Fact Magazine. She claimed, “I found love in Dubai, started a wonderful family, and I have a great business.

“The city has secured my future and the future of my children, and it has given me a chance to feel safe, secure, find love, and establish myself as a businesswoman away from home,” Zeina continued.

We salute that! Visit Netflix to see Zeina’s opulent lifestyle and to get to know the rest of the Dubai Bling cast.

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