Mcdonalds Halloween Buckets 2022: Will Halloween Boo Buckets sell out?

The entire globe, including McDonald’s, is getting ready for Halloween.

The fast-food restaurant business is bringing back its trio of ghost buckets as a special Happy Meal to commemorate the eerie holiday. Three varieties of the Halloween buckets—white McBoo, orange McPunk’n, and green McGoblin—are available.

Only until Halloween will the limited-edition buckets be available again. From October 18 to October 31, customers can purchase Boo Buckets at their neighbourhood McDonald’s. The official corporate app can also be used to place orders for them.

What is in the McDonald’s Halloween Happy Meals?

The Halloween Happy Meals are making a reappearance after being introduced in 1986.

Every Happy Meal includes a choice of a cheeseburger, hamburger, or chicken nuggets. After you make your selection, the food will be brought in one of the unique pails for Halloween. The meal will also come with fries, a side dish of your choosing, and a small drink in addition to the main course.

Toys will not be included in the Halloween Happy Meal this year since buckets have taken their place as a temporary addition in place of the toys.

Mcdonalds Halloween Buckets 2022

The price of each Halloween Happy Meal ranges from $5 to $7.

McDonald’s not only sells food in it but also offers advice on how to reuse the Boo Buckets. The hamburger restaurant included 5 ideas for updating the holiday-themed bucket, from utilising the pails as planters to turning them into a statement piece this Halloween.

It should be noted that there are just a few of these buckets available. Therefore, there is a possibility that they will sell more quickly.

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What do the McDonald’s 2022 Halloween Boo Buckets look like?

McDonald’s offers the green witch, orange pumpkin, and white ghost, often known as McBoo, McPunk’n, and McGoblin, in three different hues. The absence of a cover with an attached handle on the buckets from prior years is a notable modification. Instead, a two-dimensional silhouette of a lid is clipped to the handle and affixed to the base.

How long will McDonald’s have Halloween buckets?

From October 18 through the 31st, as part of their Halloween special, the cherished Boo Buckets will be offered, but only while stocks last. Each McDonald’s outlet will only offer one of the three pail types each week in order to satisfy customer demand.

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How can I get a McDonald’s Halloween Boo Bucket?

Place an order at the eatery or via the McDonald’s app. The meal includes fries, apple slices (or extra fries in place of the apple slices), and a beverage. You can select an entree of Chicken McNuggets (4 or 6 pieces) or a hamburger or cheeseburger. Keep in mind that your restaurant will probably only have one bucket colour available at a time, so you might need to make several trips spaced a few days or weeks apart in order to collect all three sorts (green, white, and orange).

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What do the 2022 Halloween Boo Buckets look like?

Three distinct colours are available at McDonald’s: the green witch, the orange pumpkin, and the white ghost, often known as McBoo, McPunk’n, and McGoblin. There is one significant change from previous years: They don’t truly have tops. From one side of the handle to the other, there is a raised ornamentation that features a witch’s cap for McGoblin, a pumpkin top for McPunk’n, and a white pumpkin top for McBoo. There is no full plastic lid, only a sheet of paper with Halloween stickers covering the bucket itself.

Mcdonalds Halloween Buckets 2022

Will Halloween Boo Buckets sell out?

Due to the extensive advance publicity, The Boo Buckets are sure to sell out rapidly. Collectors will probably try to get all three colours, which might disrupt restaurant supplies. Until Halloween, or while supplies last, they are accessible.

Frequently asked Questions

What did the original McDonald’s Halloween buckets look like?

Launched in 1986, the original Boo Buckets were all orange and had the same names that the fast-food giant is using in 2022 – McBoo, McPunk’n, and McGoblin.

When did McDonald’s stop making Halloween buckets?

McDonald’s Halloween buckets were last seen in 2016 and a spokesperson for the company later confirmed that they had stopped making them, although that stance has now changed.

How long will McDonald’s have Halloween buckets?

McDonald’s Halloween Boo Buckets will be available until the 31st of October.

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