Who Is the Strongest Character in Naruto: Latest 2022 Info!

Many people all around the world are aware of Naruto as one of the most popular anime series ever. Many of the children who grew up watching this show stuck with Naruto until he achieved his goal of becoming the Hokage and saving the world.

As a result, Naruto’s adventure has left us with many memories and a large number of memorable characters who were renowned for both their character and their skills. I decided to compile a list of the strongest Naruto characters for this reason.

In order to minimize confusion and ensure that the prime level of Naruto will be covered in this essay, I have only included characters from Naruto and Naruto Shippuuden. This also makes sure that nobody was weakened, as was the case with some Naruto characters who became marginally weaker in Boruto.

Please note that I watched the complete anime and manga series in order to compile this list. That implies that after reading my list, your opinion might change. Anyway, these are the strongest Naruto characters.

5. Hoshigaki Kisame

Kisame is an expert in the Water-Style genjutsu and is able to conjure up enormous bodies of water on land, strike his foes with shark-shaped water bombs of any size, and encircle them in a dome of water. He is the owner of Samehada, a sentient blade with several sharp edges that cuts but actually “shaves,” and can absorb chakra from other people.

Who Is the Strongest Character in Naruto

Hoshigaki Kisame is still a very difficult foe, despite being the last character on our list of the strongest Naruto characters. He summoned sharks, trapped himself and them in a bubble of water, and killed himself. But he destroyed his constraints with enormous strength before he died.


Yamato was practically born to be one of the most formidable ninjas in the entire series. When he was a child, Orochimaru abducted him for an experiment and implanted him with living cells from Hashirama, the first Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village and a ninja so potent that he was known as a ninja god. Since Yamato was the only one to survive the tests, he was able to master the famous Wood Style of the first Hokage, which gave him the capacity to directly manipulate and produce arbor.

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As soon as Yamato’s special talent manifested itself, the mysterious ANBU Root foundation, an elite black-ops unit that formed a cult around Danzo Shimura, snatched him up. Yamato developed his Wood Style under Shimura’s guidance to the point where he could make wooden copies of his own body, create entire woods and homes, and even use these powers to command the enormous Tailed Beasts that are an essential part of Naruto’s mythology.

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He joined the black ops unit at an early age and was dispatched on numerous high-profile killing missions. He was eventually chosen to serve as Naruto’s personal bodyguard since he held the sole chance of being able to tame the tailed beast inside him.

3. Madara Uchiha

Madara Uchiha is regarded as one of the most powerful villains in history. He is the mastermind behind Akatsuki, as well as Rin’s death. Madara has exceptional talent in using the Sharingan and the Mangekyo Sharingan. He can also summon a version of himself in an invisible dimension that only another Rinnegan can see.

Who Is the Strongest Character in Naruto

2. Ten-Tailed Beast   

One of the strongest characters in the series is the Ten-Tailed Beast, which resisted almost all of the efforts of the Shinobi Alliance but was ultimately unbeatable. The Ten-Tails have the capability to destroy the whole Alliance if it weren’t for Madara’s plan to send the Infinite Tsukuyomi to the moon.

It can produce a huge Tailed Beast Bomb that dwarfs a typical Tailed Beast Bomb even when it is not in its full form. It has enormous durability that matches its enormous size, and it has the capacity to produce lesser beings from its own body to use as an army.

Who Is the Strongest Character in Naruto

1. Kaguya Otsutsuki

Kaguya is the mother of all chakra on the planet, as she was the one who consumed the chakra fruit. She might not have any display or raw strength, but she can shoot bones out of her hands that can turn enemies into ash once it hits. She is overpowered enough to create a gigantic Truth-Seeking Ball (a ball that grants all nature releases, which Naruto, Obito, and Madara gained when initially gaining Six Paths power).

Who Is the Strongest Character in Naruto

Naruto’s earnings, net worth, and revenue

With over 250 million copies sold globally, Naruto is one of the most popular anime and manga series ever. They have been translated into English and many other languages, circulated and enjoyed by followers from about 46 different nations.

According to Toei Animation’s quarterly reports as of 2022, the official Naruto franchise has earned $23 million for the year, or around 19 million Japanese Yen, up from the $21.4 million earned in 2021. These statistics were disseminated as a result of a tweet, as can be seen below.

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