Riddle Answer: You Are Sleeping and You Are Hungry Answer!

As more and more people want to know the answer to the “you are sleeping, and you are hungry” riddle, let’s talk about it. It’s a well-known one!

When 2020 came around, many people had to spend more time at home than ever.

Many people were forced to pick up new hobbies and do things they usually wouldn’t do or wouldn’t do as often. Things like gardening, cooking, and watching TV box sets back to back were a saving grace, but maybe more surprising was that riddles were also a saving grace.

Some people decided to share riddles and puzzles on social media, and some got a lot of attention.

Riddles are still popular, and one got much attention recently. So, let’s talk about the answer to the “you are sleeping, and you are hungry” riddle.

The Riddle!

“You are sleeping and hungry; you have butter, cheese, and baloney in the fridge. What will you open first?”

So, don’t worry! The riddle can be told in many different ways, but the answer is always the same.

“you Are Sleeping, and You Are Hungry,” Riddle Answer

Your eyes are the answer.
You must wake up before you can find your way to the kitchen and start snacking.

By telling you what’s inside, the person who made the riddle is trying to throw you off and get you to think about which food you’d reach for first to make a snack.

But it’s much easier than that!

Now that we’ve dealt with that let’s think about another puzzle…

Other Riddels

  • You’re sleeping and hungry, but all you have in the fridge is butter, cheese, and baloney. What will you first open?
  • A girl gets on the phone with her boyfriend. She found three different people whose names were all “LOVE.”
  • First, “Love” is the daughter of his father’s son-in-law. The second, “Love,” is his mother’s mother, and the third, “Love,” is she. What does the first contact have to do with the second?
  • What can make a sound without hands?
  • By day, I’m brown and old, but at night, I’m white and young. I’ve got nine faces but no head. I have glass eyes.
  • I try to sing to the sky, but I can’t. I’m neither here nor there. Qué soy?
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  • I have six eggs. I break two, fry two, and eat two of them. How many eggs are left?
  • Mr. Harry had four daughters, and each one had a brother. What number of kids does Mr. Harry have?

Whatsapp Puzzle Answers

  1. Your eyes
  2. It is his grandma
  3. Thunder
  4. The Moon
  5. ‘What’
  6. I broke, fried, and ate the same 2 eggs
  7. Mr. Harry had children. Now he has none.

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