Download the Codetantra Secure Exam App | Codetantra for Vitee 2022

With the Codetantra Secure Exam App, you can quickly turn your school, college, or university into a virtual space. Almost 1,369 institutions are currently signed up with Codetantra, and all of them are happy with the services Codetantra offers.

How to download the CodeTantra Tantra Secure Exam app for Android and iOS?

You can get Codetantra on your Android phone by opening a chrome browser. There is no unique way to do this. Codetantra app download VIT is done often, and students use it often.

  • If you want to take the classes on Codetantra, type in the link sent to you, and don’t click on any other pages while you’re on the site.
  • At the beginning of the class, you might be asked for a few permissions. Give the permissions and click “Allow” for all pop-ups asking for permission.
  • You can tell your Android device to use its camera, microphone, and location by going into its settings.
  • On iOS devices, you must use the Safari browser.

Click on the link, give any permissions needed, and make sure your camera and microphone are working.

What Are Some of the App’s Features?

Codetantra App Review

  • There are options for live meetings, chalkboard support, pen-and-paper methods of teaching, whiteboards with real-time annotations, PowerPoint sharing, live polling, and tracking of engagement.
  • It also has a platform for testing and lets you proctor, from a distance.
  • It also has online courses with certifications and degrees that can be earned online.

How to Use the CodeTantra App?

  • Just click the link to see if your microphone, camera, and locations are set up correctly.
  • Click the “Start” button and look at the camera’s settings.
  • Now enter your user ID and password and click the submit button.
  • Now, choose your task from the five icons: viewing classes and meetings, courses, tests, programming labs, and help and support.
  • Once chosen, you can complete your tasks as per your requirement.

Codetantra App Review

The app seems to be a great platform with all the devices and facilities in place. Since more than 1300 schools, colleges, and other institutions use it, you can be sure it’s a reliable platform. During the COVID-19 scenario, it is the app of choice for the IITs of the country. All the top institutes use it. Not only are IITs popular, but so is the Codetantra app for VITEEE 2021, which is used all over the country.

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