Dailypass.lausd.net App Download: How to Register, Results, and Test Appointment

Dailypass.lausd.net App is a web-based program established by Los Angeles Unified School District to offer students, parents, and teachers with daily passes. You may sign up for Covid-19 Vaccine Appointments at any time using this App.

How do I use the Dailypass.lausd.net app? You’ve found the perfect place!.

How to use Daily Pass from a computer, tablet, or smartphone running an Android or iOS operating system or an iPhone or iPad is what I’ll be covering here, but I’ll also teach you how to access your Daily Pass account online from any of those devices.

What is the Dailypass.lausd.net App?

As part of their partnership with Microsoft, Los Angeles Unified has introduced the LAUSD Daily Pass App.

The purpose of this application is to help students get their lives back to normal as quickly as possible.

In addition to generating a pass, this novel safety check tool may also be used to schedule a testing session.

Covid-19 test reports may be submitted if they already have a report from other sources.

Visitors to the building, including students, employees, parents, and others, may use this restroom facility without a fee.

One thing to keep in mind is that the Pass will only be valid for one day, and if the individual returns, they will need to create a new Pass.

Dailypass.lausd.net App Download

You don’t have to download the Dailypass.lausd.net App on your Android/iOS phone or PC to register for an Access pass using this Screener.

This app is only accessible as a Web application, not as a standalone mobile or desktop app.

It’s possible to access the site by using a standard Web browser.

Students, parents, teachers, and other employees may all access the Pass by completing an online health check on the same website.

If you have to go back to the site often, just visit it and save it as a bookmark.

How can I register on LAUSD Power?

By doing a health check every day, the Web App safeguards the safety of visitors, students, and faculty.

Here is the procedure to follow in order to get into the school-

  • First To use the Web App, go to https://dailypass.lausd.net/.
  • You must choose the third option, Create Pass, in order to register.
  • Complete the survey to the best of your ability.
  • It shouldn’t take you more than two minutes to complete the survey. Your responses will determine whether or not you provide an entrance.
  • Check your screening results to discover whether you passed.
  • You may view your Pass by selecting View Pass from the View menu.

Register Guest or Dependent is an option if you’re not an employee or student and are only visiting for a short period of time.

Appointments for Entry and Testing

A Visitor’s Result will be produced after they’ve passed the screening procedure.

A single day’s worth of results are guaranteed, but they are only applicable to that one particular site.

Your QR code and temperature will both be checked by school staff members before you may enter the building after the test results.

A baseline exam for all staff and students is necessary.

After the first day of school, students have seven days to take this exam.

We accept test results from previous COVID-19 Negative tests as well.

To avoid this, you’ll need to sit for exams.

This does not apply to time guests or parents.

More frequently asked questions may be found on the official website, https://achieve.lausd.net/covidfaq.

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