EA Desktop App Guide: Install, Uninstall Games, Origin & Troubleshoot not functioning EA

Similar to Steam and Origin, the EA Desktop App lets you start any EA games on your PC or Mac. You’ll be able to download games and more after installing this program.

Soon, this app will be released as a replacement for Origin.

EA Desktop App Guide

It’s the official desktop client for EA gamers that play on Windows 10 machines, and it’s free!

ORIGIN, the original name of this app, will be renamed and given a new look.

Download the EA Desktop Application (.apk).

With this Desktop program, games may quickly and more swiftly be able to Download, Upload, and readily access Games on their PC.

At the time of writing this piece, it was in Beta Phase.

The beta version of this software is available to any gamers who want to test it out before its official release.

Installing EA Desktop on a PC

If you are interested in Download EA App for your Windows PC, here are the procedures that you have to Follow-

  • By clicking this link, you can see the official Beta Release Page.
  • There you will see a substantial red Download button in the header area.
  • The installation file may only be obtained by clicking on the Download button.
  • Once the file has been downloaded to your computer, right-click on it and choose open.
  • You’ll be sent to the installation page if you do this.
  • A new window will be launched for you.
  • By selecting either View install or Let’s go to begin the installation, you may change this installation.
  • Downloading a few files will take some time.
  • The restart will need a flawless performance.
  • Using your EA Account, you may access this program on your PC after installing it.

Your bought EA games will be available for download and installation from that point on.

EA Desktop Uninstall Instructions

You installed this desktop client, but you no longer want to use it.

Installing and uninstalling EA Desktop is as simple as removing any other program from your PC.

Here’s how it works:

  • Press Windows+S on your or press Windows+S on your computer to get started. You may use the Windows search bar to find what you’re looking for.
  • Look for the “Add or Remove Programs” menu option.
  • The page configuring your apps and features will now be available to you.
  • Type in “EA” and choose “EA Desktop” from the results.
  • You may remove the app by clicking the uninstall button.
  • Click uninstall again to bring up a new dialog box.
  • Take a complete system reboot to delete the application.

Uninstall Games from the EA launcher

The primary purpose of this desktop application is to install and update games without the requirement for a third-party launcher.

Using this method, you may remove any software installed on your computer.

Many people complain that this function isn’t there, but it’s not.

It’s there, but you can’t see it.

This is because this launcher is presently in beta and hasn’t been wholly deployed.

You may still remove games from your computer using this method.

  • You may locate the app’s home screen by clicking on the Collection option.
  • You’ll be able to view all of the games you’ve installed and played from this page.
  • There are three dots next to the name of the game.
  • You may remove a game by clicking on the dots in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Remove the game from your computer by selecting “Uninstall” and following the on-screen instructions.

In the battle between Origin and EA’s Desktop App

A launcher for all of EA’s games, called Origin, already existed.

Currently, Origin may be downloaded on Windows PCs.

However, according to many gamers who use Origin, the service is sluggish, complicated, and often fails to function correctly.

Another common preference is using a different launcher to play games you’ve purchased from EA.

Electronic Arts are launching this new PC client in part because of this.

This desktop app is nothing more than a substitute for Origin.

To be more specific, you may state that Electronic Arts will rename the Origin software “EA Desktop.”

The Halo Waypoint App is a good starting point.

Error in the EA Desktop Application

This desktop app is presently in beta, implying that it is a fully developed and final application.

As a result, there are several issues, missing functionality, and instances when EA Desktop App crashes fails to launch at random times, or fails to download games.

To use Ea.com’s app, you must know this.

On the other hand, the official forum has a list of solutions to some of the recognized problems.

If not, you may post a question on the official EA Forum by clicking the above link.

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