Free Download of the Frenzi App Apk for Android | Frenzi Owner, Country, and Plans

Frenzi is the latest app. It lets you look for new videos and share what you find with your friends. So, it’s a place where you can stream social content in one place.

Today, there are many over-the-top (OTT) platforms, including American and international ones like Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, and Indian and local ones like Sonyliv, Voot, Zee5, etc.

Because of this, it’s getting harder and harder for viewers to find the right content and keep signing up for all the new platforms. The Indian audience and viewers have been given the Frenzy app to help with this problem.

Frenzi app Details

  • Frenzi makes it easy to search for the right content on more than 60 over-the-top (OTT) platforms.
  • It gives users a customized list of places where they can watch movies and TV shows legally.
  • Knowing what your friends are watching is helpful.
  • Frenzy gives recommendations that are both unified and customized.
  • It makes suggestions for new content based on AI.
  • It helps you get Frenzy points to trade in for subscriptions to OTT platforms.
  • You can earn Frenzy points and rewards as you stream, connect and share with your friends.
  • Frenzy supports multiple languages.
  • You can also use this platform to become a micro-influencer.

Frenzi app founder name?

Balakrishna Hari Singh owns the Frenzi app. He started the Frenzi company and is also the CEO.

What country has the Frenzi app?

The app has been made available to people in India.

How to download the Frenzi app apk?

You can get the Frenzi app from either the Play Store or the App Store.

Frenzi app subscription details

At the moment, you don’t need a subscription to use Frenzi. But the Frenzy app offers great deals on subscriptions to several OTT platforms and several bundle packages.

App Review

More than 1,000,000 people have downloaded the Frenzy app from Google Play alone, and people have found it helpful for finding content on OTT platforms.

The app is easy to use and straightforward. Users love this app because it helps them earn Frenzy points that can be traded for subscriptions to OTT platforms. On Google Play, the app has a rating of 2.3, and on the App Store, it has a rating of 3.7.

Details about the Frenzy app stock price

The company that makes the Frenzy app is still private and has not yet gone public. So, it is not yet listed on NSE and BSE, so there is no share price yet.

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