What Is the Hallway App? How to Set Up and Use the Hallway Chat App?

Do you get tired of working at home? Do you feel alone and miss having fun with a group? During the pandemic, people have been working from home for extended periods. This has led to apps like Hallway chat being made.

You can add hallway chat right to Slack, and you can also ask for it on Microsoft Teams. Hallway chat is free to use with Slack.

Helps People Talk to Each Other One-on-one or in Groups

It lets you change things like how often breaks happen when they happen, what time zone, and when working hours are.
Helps make weekly reports with analysis.
One exciting thing about Hallway is that members of the same Slack channel can take one-on-one private breaks in the style of roulette.

How Do I Put the Hallway Chat App on My Phone?

Adding a Hallway chat app is pretty straightforward. You can do the following:

  • You have to go to the official website of Hallway chat to get to the platform’s homepage.
  • Then, on the Hallway chat home page, click the “Add to Slack for free” icon.
  • The next step is to go to Slack and give permission for Hallway to be added to Slack.
  • Users from the Slack app directory can also add a hallway.

How to use Hallway?

The Hallway doesn’t have a front end. Everything in Slack is up to the user. This includes how you log in, how you get started, and how you change settings. With the Hallway app, the bot will automatically set up break rooms.

Once you get the onboarding instructions through a direct message in Slack, you can add the Hallway bot to Slack channels.

You can do this if you type “/invite@hallway” in a channel. This will add the track by itself. Also, you can make it work by writing “/hallway on.” Lastly, you can set up the app by typing “/hallway.”

Hallway Prices

When only two slack channels are used, the service is free. You can only have up to ten timed video chats when you use the free service. For more people to use the service, it needs to be improved. There are two price options for Hallway.

$30 per month can be spent on the Team pricing plan. In addition to long chats, it has timed video breaks that come back repeatedly. There is also a free trial period of seven days. It also gives you access to as many video chat rooms as you want right from Hallway or links to Zoom and Google Meet.

Aside from this, it also lets you schedule chats, set working hours, and make weekly analytics reports. It costs $2 per month to add another member to a channel.

For prices on customized services, customers need to get in touch with them.

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