How to Play Warzone Rebirth Island Complete Guide?

Rebirth Island is now open to people who play Call of Duty Warzone. Those who have played Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will know that Rebirth Island is a new version of Alcatraz.

In contrast to Verdansk, the map is small enough that players can easily face off against rivals. It also adds new types of games that make Warzone more fun. It looks almost exactly like Alcatraz, but it has unique graphics. With some practice and a few games, new players will quickly learn to use the map.

Through the Warzone playlist, players can get to Rebirth Island. Several weekly playlists include Rebirth Island. A popular playlist is Resurgence Trios, which takes place on Rebirth Island. Here are some Call of Duty Warzone hacks to help you play Rebirth Island better.

What Is the Island of Rebirth?

Rebirth Island is a new way to play Call of Duty: Warzone. Forty people arrive on Rebirth Island, about the same size as the Port in Verdansk. Contracts will be finished, loot will be found, and the gang will see the money. But you will have to get used to a critical thing about Rebirth Island.

Since Rebirth Island doesn’t have a Gulag, it’s effortless to respawn there. You will have to wait a certain amount of time (which could be anywhere from 15 to 45 seconds) after dying before you can be brought back to the game.

Hacks to Play Warzone on Rebirth Island

Sole Survivor

On the island of Rebirth, 30 seconds is a long time. So, players need to be careful when fighting more than one enemy. If a player is the only one left, they need to be alert and find a way to avoid enemies. In Warzone, hearing is crucial, and players must have an excellent ear to find enemy sources. Move around and listen for the last few enemies. It is easier to win when only one enemy fights back when fighting one on three.

Paratroopers Are Dangerous

Players will keep coming in during the revival. Since the map is so small, players can drop in and stay out of the alert range. Good teams can find other groups and pull players from the sky.

In Resurgence Extreme, twice as many people will jump into the game. They are always aware of what’s going on around them. Just two hits are enough to beat someone. Those who fall asleep will be destroyed or killed by those who come back.

Loadouts on Rebirth Island

There are two ways to play Rebirth. The first is to move quickly with a weapon with a medium and close range. The two options for these people are Krig 6 and OTS 9. The King will be a force in prisons and other places with its wide range. It will also work with the optional C58/MAC-10.

For the most kills, secondary sniper support is recommended. Good shooters can easily hit players who are falling from the sky. When a sniper fires a headshot, it doesn’t make the target immune to damage when it flies back in. Use the sniper with an SMG for the most damage or an AK-47 for the most distance.

Check the Flank Directions

On Rebirth, players should be aware of places that are easy to flank or block. A Rebirth tip that many new players miss is to be mindful of where you are on the map. For instance, the prison has two stairs that lead to the roof. One looks west, and the other looks east. Most of the time, the enemy squad’s team pushes these spots.

A sloping concrete wall lets people get to the third floor from the east side of the prison. You can also get to the roof by taking the gondola, the north cable, or the east cable. Anyone with a mine or a claymore can set it off to stop a threat on the flank. If teams know where likely opponents are at all times, they can secure the prison block, get their gear, and plan their rotation.

How to Put Your Team in the Best Position

This is true in all Warzone modes, especially in a small area. When players are next to each other, switching between enemies is easier. Close enough to play together but far enough to avoid being picked on. When enemy teams focus on one goal, they open themselves to the other two. Camping next to each other is a surefire way to get rid of an enemy squad.


Since the island isn’t as big as Verdasnk! If you look out the window, you might get an idea of how big things are. Be careful not to get too comfortable in a hole because of its size; the circle closes quickly. You can use the supply boxes more than once, so you can keep getting gear as long as you stay in this area.

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