How to Use the Xbox Resolver App [2022] | Benefits and Features

This website is appealing to people looking for a real-time Gamertag resolver. This application is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Xbox Resolver app developers have created a companion for the Xbox video game. This application can offer access to remote control techniques, Xbox Live community tools, and second screen formality.

This application for Windows 10 provides an additional feature. It can work as a PC game launcher, granting access to the system’s screen recording functions.

Why should you use Xbox Application Resolver?

The all-new and updated Xbox resolver program have various characteristics that will most likely persuade you to install it on your device. These are some examples:

  • This application has made it simple for users to access their activity stream.
  • They have made it useful for their users by allowing them to socialize and talk with their pals through this program.
  • Users can save and manage their Game DVR clips.
  • The adoption of this Xbox Resolver has made browsing One Guide easier.
  • They have made it simple to integrate other programs and games into the second screen through this software.
  • They made it easier for users to use this software as a remote control.

How Should This Application Be Used?

The link will take you to a location where you can easily use this program.

Install the App

When you click on this link, you will be sent to a new page. There is a search section there where you can enter your Gamertag. Then, press the search button, and you’ll be taken back to the IP address.


You are unable to blacklist yourself. People wanting to ban it cannot do so because there is an IP History. It is best to avoid it because they may con you.

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