How to Register for Lachit Borphukan App (Complete Guide)?

The government of Assam has taken important steps to start Lachit Borphukan, one of the bravest and most brave commanders. The Lachit Borphukan app was made by the government of Assam to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Lachit Borphukan.

This app is a tribute to the most important person from Assam state. People in this state know him for his love of country, willingness to help others, and great bravery. The government has made the Lachit Borphukan app to honor what he has done for Assam and his life journey.

What is the Lachit Borphukan App?

On October 26, 2022, Shri Himanta Biswa Sarma, who is the Chief Minister of Assam, released the Lachit Borphukan app. In this way, the state honors one of the most important people and freedom fighters from Assam state.

He has worked his whole life for the good of Assam, both now and in the future. And this is why the government of Assam made the Lachit Borphukan app as a way to honor them.

The government has asked everyone to join in this tribute and shine a light on Lachit Borphukan as a sign of respect. The government will choose the best essays about Lachit Borphukan and put them in several government magazines in Assam.

Latest News About the Lachit Borphukan App

On Wednesday, the dead Lachit Borphukan’s 400th birthday was remembered. He is the legendary warrior from the Ahom dynasty who helped get rid of the Mughal empire in Assam state.

Lachit Borphukan App

  • At a press conference held at Janta Bhawan by CM Sarma, the Lachit Borphukan portal and app were shown to the public.
  • Through the portal or the app, users can upload essays about the fighter Lachit Borphukan.
  • The government of Assam will also give certificates of recognition to people who use the Lachit Borphukan app to post their essays online.
  • People from all over the world have been asked by the government of Assam to join them in celebrating the launch of the Lachit Borphukan app.

How to Download the Lachit Borphukan App?

As we tell you, the Lachit Borphukan app was made by the Assam government to honor him. Here are some steps to follow if you want to download the Lachit Borphukan app and join the 400th birthday celebration.

1. To download the Lachit Borphukan app, you must first go to the Assam government’s official website,

2. Go to the Lachit Borphukan website and find the exact option for downloading the app.

3. You can get the app right away by clicking on the link or scanning the QR code on the portal.

How to Register for the Lachit Borphukan App?

Here are the steps you need to take to sign up for the Lachit Borphukan app and start uploading essays.

1. Make sure to get the Lachit Borphukan app on your device so you can move on to the app’s registration process.

2. Then, you need to tap the “Upload writing” button, which is in the upper right corner of the homepage.

3. The next step is to choose your country and enter the captcha code.

4. You must then put in your correct email address and phone number.

5. Finally, you have to enter the OTP, get both an email address and a phone number, and register on the app.

How to Use the Lachit Borphukan App?

If you want to use the Lachit Borphukan app you just downloaded on your device to upload your writings and essays, here are some steps to help you.

Lachit Borphukan App

1. Only candidates who have already signed up can upload their essays to the portal or app. So, you have to sign up for the Lachit Borphukan app first.

2. Then, go to the app and tap the “Upload” button to send your essays and articles.

Keep in mind that the Assam government will only let you upload three types of essays on the Lachit Borphukan app. These are a pre-formatted booklet, an essay written online, and a plain piece of paper.

Is it safe?

After downloading the Lachit Borphukan app, many people worry about how their personal information will be kept safe. But there’s no reason to worry. The Assam government’s new Lachit Borphukan app is safe from all kinds of risks.


Since it came out, the Lachit Borphukan app has gotten good feedback. People use Lachit Borphukan apps quickly to upload essays about them as a way to honor them. On the official website, you can also see how many essays people have already posted.


  • With the Lachit Borphukan app, people can post their essays on lachit borphukan to show how good they are at writing or writing up.
  • In this way, the Lachit Borphukan app lets people from all over the world write essays and help each other make them better.
  • The best thing about the Lachit Borphukan app is that people can choose any of the three essay formats that are offered.

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This article tells you everything you need to know about the new Lachit Borphukan app. We hope that this article tells you everything you need to know to download, sign up for, and use the Lachit Borphukan app.

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