Lynda Deol, Sunny Deol’s Wife, Has a Biography Online (Updated in 2022)

Sunny is a household name in Bollywood. He is Bollywood’s most recognizable action hero. He has a cult following. Nonetheless, do you know anything about Sunny Deol’s wife, Pooja? Is that Lynda Deol you’re thinking of?

Please let me fill you in on her biographical details, including her current age.

Fans of Sunny eagerly anticipate learning more personal information about him in this article. They’re interested in learning more about his wife. As a result, we’ve decided to publish this piece.

Pooja Deol’s Biography

Lynda Deol is another stage name for her. She is neither an actor nor a member of the film industry, and neither is she interested in either. Pooja Deol makes her living as a writer. However, she had a minor role in Yamla Pagla Deewana, a Bollywood film.

This blockbuster film is a huge hit. Sunny, Dharmendra, and Bobby Deol are the critical characters in this film. No other movie has had Pooja Deol in part.

Lynda Deol’s husband

In the year 2022, Sunny Deol will be 65 years old. He was born on October 19, 1956. Please take a moment to see the video embedded above.


  • Actor- Amitabh Bachchan,
  • Place: London
  • Actress: Madhuri Dixit
  • Movie: Sholay

Pooja Deol enjoys reading and watching movies in her spare time. Most of Lynda Deol’s time was spent with her husband and children.

Pooja Deol is a big fan of Amitabh Bachchan and Jeetendra. She mainly enjoys watching their films. Arjun Kapoor and Siddharth Malhotra are two of Lynda Deol’s favorite young actors.

Measuring Your Weight

  • The Lynda Deol figure is 36-28-36.
  • Five-and-a-half feet five inches
  • Pooja Deol is the name of a Bollywood actress. Weight – 55 kg
  • Lynda Deol stands at the height of 5′ 5″ and weighs 55 kg. She’s a tall, thin woman with jet-black hair.

The Story of Pooja and Sunny’s Relationship

Unfortunately, Pooja Deol’s love life isn’t all that compelling. His husband is a well-known Indian actor, as you all know. He has a dashing appearance to go along with his dashing demeanor. On the other hand, his co-stars had a variety of romantic interests.

Despite his marriage to Pooja Deol, he had some high-profile relationships. Instead of his marriage to Lynda Deol, he was more interested in other people’s relationships. His extramarital encounters have caused a slew of issues in his marriage.

Sunny’s conduct irritated Pooja Deol. These disagreements led to numerous fights between them. Sunny’s family was also enraged at the moment. Lynda Deol finally warned him that she would leave him and her children. His girlfriend, Dimple Kapadia, whom he had broken up with, was also devastated.

Dimple also worked as an actress. Rajesh Khanna’s ex-wife had a child with him. They had been together for eleven years.

The Nuptials of Sunny Deol and Actress Pooja Deol

Lynda Deol, Sunny Deol’s wife, is a half-Indian, half-British dual citizen. She was born to an Indian father and a British mother. In 1984, they discreetly tied the knot.

Their marriage was revealed to the world when they posted wedding images on social media. Pooja Deol’s wedding photo can be seen here.

Lynda Deol tied the knot in a low-key ceremony full of elegance. In terms of décor, they hadn’t spent a lot of money. They got married in a small ceremony before a few close friends and family members.

Information about the Lynda Deol family

Let me tell you about Lynda Deol’s family history. The majority of the members of Pooja Deol are well-known Bollywood actors. The following is a partial list of her relatives.

  • Husband:- Sunny Deol
  • Father in law:- Dharmender
  • Brother in law:- Bobby Deol


She is the mother of two sons. Karan Singh Deol and Rajvir Singh Deol are their sons. Rajvir Deol’s older brother, Karan, is also an actor. On November 27, 1990, Karan was born. By the year 2021, he will be 31 years old.

Lynda Deol is particularly fond of his two boys. She’s a good wife and a good mother. Pooja Deol inspires her sons to succeed in their fields.

Her sons want to be actors, and she wants to help them achieve their dreams. In addition, Karan Singh has already made his mark in Bollywood with his first film.

Rajvir, too, is interested in Bollywood. Rocky is a nickname given to Karan Singh Deol in the Hindi film business.

Facts About Lynda Deol

  • Lynda Deol is the name by which most people are familiar with her.
  • Pooja Deol prefers to avoid media attention wherever possible.
  • He is one of India’s most recognized actors.
  • Lynda Deol prefers to keep her personal life private.

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