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If you’re like most people, you probably use your Facebook and Google accounts to login to websites and services. But what if you want to use My Ground Biz instead? Or if you’ve forgotten your login details? In this blog post, we’ll show you how to login to My Ground Biz using your Facebook or Google account. We’ll also explain how to reset your password if necessary.


How To Login My Ground Biz Account

Login to Mygroundbiz account:
Step 1: Click on the Login link available on the top right corner of the homepage.
Step 2: Enter your registered email ID and password.
Step 3: Click on the Sign In button.
Step 4: You will be directed to a page displaying your current account status. If everything is okay, click on the OK button to sign in. Otherwise, please check for any possible errors and correct them before proceeding.
If you have forgotten your password, please enter your registered email ID and send an email to [email protected] with subject “Password Recovery Request” for us to generate a new password for you.

How To Add A New Blogsyear Blog

If you are new to Blogsyear, the first step is to create an account. To do this, please click on the link below and follow the instructions:
Once you have logged in, you will be directed to your home page. On the left-hand side of your screen, under “My Ground Biz,” there will be a button that says “Add A Blog.” Click on this button and follow the prompts.
First, give your blog a name. This is simply a name that you will use when linking to it from other sites. Next, decide what type of blog you would like to create. There are two options available: a business blog or a personal blog. If you would like to create a business blog, please select “Business Blog” from the list of options and continue reading. If you would like to create a personal blog, please select “Personal Blog” from the list of options and continue reading.


The next step is to choose a theme for your blog. There are several themes available, and each offers different features that can help make your blog more organized and easy to use. Once you have selected a theme, click on the link that says “Select Theme.” The themes selection page will open up. Select the theme that best suits your needs and click on the “Download Theme” button. Once you have downloaded the theme, open it up in Adobe Dreamweaver or another web design program and start customizing it according

How To Edit Your Blogsyear Profile

If you are not yet a My Ground Biz customer, create an account now. After logging in, click on “My Profile” to get started. To edit your blogsyear profile, click on the “Profile” link at the top of your page. Here’s what you’ll see:
1. Your name: This is the name that will appear on your blog and in search results.
2. Blog category: You can change this to whatever category or type of blog you want to associate with your work.
3. Date published: This is the date of your most recent post.
4. Posts per month (if applicable): If you have more than one post per day, this shows how many posts you’ve published so far for this month. Otherwise it’s just one post per day counted from today (or whatever day it is when you’re viewing your profile).
5. Categories (optional): Clicking on these links takes you to all of the posts in that category on your blog as well as any categories related to it (sub-categories, etc.). If there are no posts in that category yet, Blogsyear will create one for you based on whatever topics are listed below the link to “Add a Category.”
6.. Recent Posts: This displays a list of all the posts currently published by you, whether they’re new or old ones that have been updated since your blog was last viewed or edited by you (depending

How to Delete a Blogsyear Post

If you want to delete a blog post from your Blogsyear account, follow these steps:

1. Click on the Posts tab on the left-hand menu.
2. Scroll down until you see the post you want to delete and click on it.
3. On the Post Details page, click on the Edit link next to the Status field.
4. In the Delete posts section, select Yes from the drop-down menu and then click OK.
5. Once you’ve deleted the post, it will disappear from your blog page and you’ll be returned to the Posts tab in your Blogsyear account.

How to Export Your Blogsyear Posts

If you’re looking to export your Blogsyear posts for reuse in another platform or for offline viewing, follow these steps:

1. Log into your My Ground Biz account.
2. Click on the Posts tab at the top of the page.
3. Select all of your blog posts (or just a few if you want).
4. Click on the Export button at the bottom of the Post screen.
5. A new window will open with a selection of file types to choose from (PDF, CSV, JSON, etc.). Select whichever format you want your posts exported as and click OK.
6. Your exported posts will be saved to your My Ground Biz account and can be accessed anytime by clicking on the Posts tab and selecting export posts from there.

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