Parivarik Labh Yojana: How to do Registration in 2022?

All of your questions about the Rashtriya Parivarik Labh Yojana, also known as the National Family Benefit Scheme in English, will be answered here.

The site is where you can find the list of NFBS beneficiaries and further information. How to Check Your Status on the List Online is what you will discover in this post. How to Download PDF Forms to Apply What are the prerequisites for eligibility?

Details of the Rashtriya Parivarik Labh Yojana Program

The state government of Uttar Pradesh has implemented the national program known as the Rashtriya parivarik labh yojana.

The goal of this plan is to assist low-income households. UP state government would provide 30 thousand rupees to the relatives of the deceased head of the family under this Government initiative.

To administer this National Family Benefits Program, the U.P. State Social Welfare Department administers the Social Welfare Program.

Whether you live in the city or the country, you are eligible for this benefit.

Candidates need to check whether they are eligible, how to apply online, how long it takes, and what they may expect in terms of rewards before submitting an online application.


Rashtriya Parivarik Labh Yojana (RPLY) is a state-sponsored initiative to provide financial support to low-income households in the state.

The primary goal of this national welfare program is to provide financial help to families.

Among other things, this Yojana offers the following advantages, aims, and essential points:

  • As part of the government’s welfare program, the state of Uttar Pradesh will give financial help to the state’s low-income inhabitants whose lone earning member has died.
  • The family will get cash help in the amount of Rs. 30000.
  • Rural and urban residents alike are eligible to participate in the program.
  • You’ll get your money within 45 days after submitting your application.

Inclusion Requirements

The government has specified a few qualifying requirements for the family that want to apply for this benefit.

  • Applicants for this program must be citizens of Uttar Pradesh permanently.
  • The only earner (who has passed away) should not have been older than 59 years old, and they should not have been under the age of 18.
  • Families eligible for assistance must be living in poverty.
  • There should be no more than $56,000 in annual income for the household.
  • Only one year after the death of the family’s mukhiya may the applicant apply for the program.

You may apply for this program if you meet all of the requirements.

All of the Necessary Paperwork

Ensure that you have all of the necessary paperwork before applying for the Parivarikk labh Yojana.

To apply for the UP Rashtriya Parivarik Labh Yojana, you’ll need the following documents:

  • Identity card of the applicant, Aadhaar Card.
  • Identification as a resident of the property in question.
  • A government-issued certificate of income, or I-9.
  • The bank account passbook is a copy of the original.
  • Photos the size of a passport
  • I notarized the death certificate for the family’s head of household.

Registering online for the National Family Benefits Program

The online registration for the National Family Benefits Program is straightforward.

After logging into the site and filling out all relevant forms, you may wait for your application to be approved.

Rashtriya Pariwarik Labh Yojana Online Application Process

Here is a step-by-step guide to submitting an online application for the Rashtriya Paiwarik Labh Yojana Nfbs 2022:

  • To begin, go to the official website at
  • New Registration” will be shown on the site after you’ve arrived. That’s the best choice.
  • The RPLY scheme’s online application form will be visible to you.
  • There are several fields to fill out.
    The digital copies of all needed papers must also be uploaded in the relevant slots there.
  • Your signature should include a digital copy of the document.
  • Please enter the captcha code shown in the image.
  • Click the “Submit” button to complete the submission process.

This is how you meet the Rashtriya Parivarik Labh Yojana application form.

Check Status Process Parivarik labh yojana.

Check the progress of your application under the Uttar Pradesh National Family Benefit Scheme if you are an applicant for this program.

Uttar Pradesh National Family Benefit Scheme application status may be seen on the official site.

You will be routed to the website if you choose the option labeled as Application status.

It’s possible to verify your application status by selecting a district, establishing an account number or registration number, and entering the number you’ve provided.

How to Check the Status of Parivarik Labh Yojana on the Internet?

  • Visit this page first.
  • Select a district from the drop-down menu at the top of the screen.
  • The next option asks whether you want to check the progress of your application by using your account number or your Registration Number.
  • Please enter your account number or registration number in the preceding box.
  • To begin the search, type in the search term.

On that page, you’ll be able to see your Parivarik labh yojana status.

The toll-free number for the Parivarik Labh Yojana

If you have any questions about the Parivarik labh yojana program, you may call the toll-free number provided.

The toll-free number for the Helpline may be found below.

Please call 18004190001 for help.

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