Sami Khan’s Wife, Family, Love Story and More

Actor and model Sami Khan is well-known in Pakistan. Due to the success of his films and television shows, he is a household name. Currently, he may be seen on one of the most-watched shows on television, “Woh Mera Dil Tha.”

Sami Khan recently got married, and his new wife is stunning. If you want to know everything there is to know about him, then read on. He’s got a lot of dark sides.

In Lahore, Pakistan, he was born on the 6th of July, 1980, making him one of Pakistan’s best-known actors. He’s a promising young actor.

Only 42 years old is Sami Khan (in 2022).

Personal Life

Name:- Shanzay Khan’s

Shanzay Khan is the name of Sami Khan’s wife. She’s a stunning Muslim girl, in my opinion.

Shanzay has no connection to the film industry or television shows.

They were able to plan a wedding. They now have a little girl as well.


Sara Choudhary

Sami Khan had a connection with Sara Choudhary, a well-known Indian actress when we talk about his personal life. However, their romance fizzled out quickly due to individual circumstances.


  • Sami and his family enjoy visiting new areas. Pakistan is one of his all-time favorite destinations.
  • Sami has always had a passion for acting.
  • Sami is a voracious reader who particularly enjoys graphic novels. He’s amassed quite the library.
  • He is a massive fan of music.
  • Sami enjoys a cup of joe. He wants a cup of coffee if he’s feeling sluggish or in need of a lift.


Sami Khan Age

Life in a classroom

Licensed electrical engineer and licensed electrician

In his early years, this actor persuaded his parents to send him to school in Lahore. Sami’s intelligence and sincerity have been apparent since she was a toddler. He graduated from the UET College of Lahore with a degree in Electrical Engineering.


Taifoor Khan is Sami’s only sibling, and he is a big part of his life. Like Sami Khan, he is an actor. However, his fame does not rival that of Sami.


Salakhain, Khan’s first film, was released in 2004 and marked the beginning of Khan’s career. He was just 24 years old at the time. As a result of his work on that film and others like Anjaam and Dil Praye Dais Main, he has also appeared in Gumm and Dil Praye Dais Main 2.

He hosted “Chaap,” which was his debut show on television. Several popular television shows have featured him, including Dil Se Dil Tak and Haroon To Piya Teri.

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