2 Things to do and 2 Things to not do While Promoting an Instagram Page in 2022

If you’re just starting off on IG and trying to understand how the trends of the SMM sphere changed through the last years, this article is for you: we’re going to review 2 things that are necessary to do if you want to reach success and 2 things to not do if you don’t want to fail. Short and simple, here we go!

Table of Contents

Not to do

1. Forget about 30 tags under one photo – this is literally bad manners, everybody will clearly see that you know nothing about modern social media trends. If you want to increase the visibility of your content on IG, you should be filtering the tags and collecting them with more attention and thought. Try to think of 10 words that describe your content the best way. Great, now leave 5 of those and use them as hashtags under each one of your posts. After several days check if those were able to attract more people to your posts; if not – change the tags.

2. Mutual liking and following – just let it go. Seriously. No activity chats, no sharing links with friends to make your thumbs up and views count bigger, none of that. Concentrate on methods that are going to give you permanent results, not just an illusion of success. If you want to try and get some thumbs up and subs for free at the very beginning of your online path, it is better to go to the page of a big blogger and try to interact with their audience under posts – at least here you will be able to find people who are interested in the type of content that you’re putting forward.

To do

1. Purchase Instagram subs – do that, if you want to give your profile a decent booster. A chance to buy real Instagram followers is out there for you, and ignoring it literally makes no sense. If you take on authentically real subs, not only the count of subs is going to grow, the most important – algorithms of the IG will see that your page has enough interactions with real accounts, which means that your posts are worth showing as recommended. And this is how you can induce the natural process of profile’s growth!

Make sure to check the quality though, because it is quite easy to run into scammers today: they sell fakes and bots as “real” subs, and people end up left with nothing, but with money spent.

2. Collab with bloggers. Make that your second nature: you should always have an ad running on somebody’s profile. You can seek free ads from people who have not that many subs (you should make it mutual to make it free), or offer people work for a barter (if you’re a brand or a company).

If you’re here for quicker and more tangible results, make sure to work with bigger bloggers who do native ads for money. Yes, you’d have to invest some dollars into it, but the payoff is really going to make you happy you did it. Such ads bring the biggest number of interested people to the profile and help with starting to actually sell and monetize whatever you’re trying to sell and monetize on your page.

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