Is There a Valtrace App? How Can I Use the Qr Code to Register? Tracing an App

Valenzuela’s municipal council passed Ordinance No 783, often known as the ValTrace application Ordinance. The application is a government initiative to employ technology while keeping social distance as the primary goal of residents to stop the spread of the Noble Corona Virus.

It establishes the guidelines for imposing penalties and implementing the application. The government takes the lead on contactless forms and maximizing the use of technology through established software.

The Valtrace app download covers the establishments listed in the Ordinance, and the user must register with the system and scan the QR code. The local information must be transmitted to the local government after 24 hours of being disconnected from the system.

How Do I Use the Qr Code Scanner in Valenzuela?

Scanning a QR code is a straightforward process. The Valenzuela City Local Government has issued an ordinance specifying the QR scanner required for the Valtrace App, an initiative adopted in response to the Pandemic’s widespread spread. The software is free to download and can be used by both residents and non-residents. No QR, no entrance is about to be implemented.

  • Open the camera that can scan QR codes (most smartphones these days have this feature), the integrated camera. There is a scan QR code option there.
  • If you can’t find one, go to settings, control center, and modify controls.
  • Position your phone so that the QR code appears on the viewfinder. When the phone is held correctly, the camera detects the code automatically.
  • Wait for the code to execute.

How Do You Register?

Valtrace App

According to the Ordinance, all Valenzuela residents, both residential and non-residential, must download and register for the Valtrace app.

  • Go to any online portal and search for the application, or go to and click on the ValTrace app Registration. The website displays options such as ‘Citizen Sign up’ and ‘Citizen Login,’ ‘Merchant Signup,’ and ‘Merchant Login.’
  • Move on by clicking on the applicable section. Once completed, the website will request basic information such as name, birth date, province, address, and cell phone number.
  • Once you’ve confirmed the password, click Submit, and you’re done.
  • When visiting any commercial establishment, scan the QR code and proceed.
  • By taking these basic precautions, one can prevent the spread of Covid-19.

How Do I Get the Valtrace Contact Tracing Software or Apk for Free?

The purpose of the contact tracing software is to keep people safe and minimize the transmission of the Noble Corona Virus. The idea is simple: once someone becomes infected, everyone from relatives to friends is notified, and anyone who has contacted the person in the last two months. This is done as soon as possible.

Because it is for the country’s welfare, the application and registration process are free of charge. The Ordinance supports the Valtrace application and beginning September 12, all Valenzuela residents and non-residents must register and download their unique QR codes.

When a person scans their QR code, their personal information is submitted to the Central Contact Tracing system for free. Individuals who fail to labor following the Ordinance are subject to charges determined by the government.

How Does It Function?

Residents and non-residents of Valenzuela must have the Valtrace app on their mobile phones. They must scan the QR code of the application form whenever they walk out in public or private areas, and all of their individual information is uploaded to the Valenzuela central Contact Tracing System at the Mega Contact Tracing center for improved scanning of the persons.

If any of the individuals develop symptoms, the app alerts all of the person’s friends and family to keep vigilant and report any signs they detect.

Valtrace application case net Valenzuela is a cause-related program whose use will be more effective in limiting the virus’s rapid spread and is appropriate for Valenzuela’s welfare.

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