How to Install and Use Zero Fasting App?

Do you want to improve your health and try intermittent fasting? Well, fasting can be a great way to make your body healthier and lose weight.

But will you be able to keep doing it over time? Here, you need to have a guide with you at all times.

Zero Fasting is an app that will help you keep up with your regular fasts and keep track of how you’re doing.

This paid app aims to give you high-quality tutorials, food charts that fit your schedule, and direct access to an expert food analyst who can answer your questions.

How to Use Zero Fasting App?

The zero fasting app will work for you based on what you want to achieve. It will make diet charts, eating schedules, and charts of your progress to keep you informed. You can get more focused with the help of video guides.

It will teach you about fasting for parts of the day. If you choose its subscription, you can use it on both Android and iOS devices. It’s easy to use, and their in-app tutorials will show you how to do everything.

How to Install Zero Fasting App?

Follow the steps below to set up and sign up for a Zero account:

  • Open Play Store (if you have an Android) or Apple Store (iOS users)
  • Type the name of the Zero app into the search bar to find it.
  • Once you have the results, click on the app to open it.
  • Click “Install” to have it put on your device.

After installing the app, you’ll need to sign up to make an account. You can choose to sign up in any of the following ways:

Zero Fasting App
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  • Use the Apple button to sign in.
  • Press the Android button to keep going.
  • Keep on using Facebook.
  • Keep going with Email

Create a password for your account once you’ve chosen a way to sign up. Then, you can choose the free version or sign up for a paid version based on a monthly or yearly fee. To do this, tap Plus and choose the plan you want.

How Much Does the Zero Fasting App Cost?

You can choose the app’s accessible version, which gives you access to Fast Timer and the most important Core tools.

You need to switch to the pro version if you want to use other premium tools and get access to exclusive video lessons, advanced statistics, and panel members who can answer your questions.

Zero Plus costs $69.99 USD per year and $9.99 USD per month. After your plan ends, it will be automatically renewed. At least 24 hours before the next renewal date, you can turn off the auto-renewal.

How to Get Zero Fasting App Discount?

There are no discounts for any kind of subscription. But the application itself can help you in some ways. You can try Zero plus for free for 7 days to learn more about it.

You won’t have to pay anything for the free trial, but you will have to give your card or bank information.

Once the trial is over, you will automatically be charged for the annual package. The money will be taken out of the bank account that was saved. Stop this from happening by canceling your trial membership at least 24 hours before it ends.

How Do I Get a Coupon for the Zero Fasting App?

You can look for active coupons for the zero fasting app on a number of online sites. Check the coupon’s expiration date and see if it works with your subscription plan.

Some platforms, like Hotdeal, can give you coupons, like Hotdeal. It’s hard to find coupons that still work, but you can try them!

How to Add Friends on Zero Fasting App?

Here are the steps you need to take in the Zero Fasting app to add your friends to your challenges.

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  1. Choose the challenge you want to play from the list of challenges under “Explore” on the home screen.
  2. First, take the challenge yourself.
  3. Tap the button below the challenge number that says “Invite Friends.”
  4. When you click on it, you’ll see a list of ways to send the invitation, such as by text, email, or other social media.
  5. When you click on the invitation, they will be able to join the challenge.

How to Reset Zero Fasting App?

We talked about how to end a fast. We have given you a way out.

  • Start up the Zero program.
  • Go to the screen called “Today.”
  • Find the fast that you need to break.
  • Click on Stop Quickly.
  • This will reset your fast, and you can start a new one quickly from the time you want.

How Does the Zero Fasting App Work?

The Zero app subscription may seem expensive, but the features it has are worth it. You can see all of your progress under the “Me” tab.

You can see what you’ve done and how you’re doing right now. You can set weekly goals and measure your progress toward them.

You can choose a quick goal and work on it as you are shown how to do so in the tutorials. If you’re not sure if it’s worth it to subscribe to the paid version, you can try it out for free. You can use the free trial to learn how the Zero Plus works and what extra features can help you.


Here are a few things about the Zero fasting app that make it even better:

  • There are video lessons on the benefits of fasting. It also has video captions that make it easier to understand how to do things.
  • You keep getting messages from the app to remind you of your fasting goals.
  • Give you tools to manage your weight goals, measure your weight by hand, plan your workouts, and get a daily reminder to weigh in.
  • Help you not break your daily fasting streak or start over if you do.
  • Detailed statistics to find out how your weight, how fast you eat, and how much sleep you get affect each other.
  • Members of the panel will answer your questions right away.

App Review

Zero is a high-quality app that will stand out in the way that you want. It’s a bit pricey, but the tools it comes with make it worth it. You can quickly see how your fast is going and how far you’ve come.

The interface is set up so that everything is easy to find and use. It’s a must-use app for health nuts because it has things like eating breaks, fast schedules, challenges, fasting streaks, premium video tutorials, one-on-one guides, and achievements.

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