3 Best Things to Do in Portugal’s Capital

If you’re getting ready to head out to Portugal’s capital city, you may be wondering what things you should do and which sights you should definitely see. After all, it isn’t easy to know how long you’ll want to spend at each location in the lovely city of Lisbon. Which locations and activities should you prioritize? And how can you make traveling to Lisbon a little easier?

If you need a few suggestions or a little inspiration, you’re in the right place. We know what places are a must-see when you visit the capital city of Portugal, and we’re even willing to share our favorite tip to make traveling way more convenient and luggage heavy, even if you’re on a budget. If that sounds interesting to you, please continue reading! We’re about to break down all of the best things to do in Lisbon.

A Bonus Tip for Travelers: Take Advantage of Luggage Storage in Lisbon

If you’re heading to the capital city and you know you won’t be around for long, make sure you take advantage of luggage storage in Lisbon. Actually, utilizing luggage storage in Lisbon can be helpful no matter how long you’re staying, especially if you know there will be periods of time when you can’t access your accommodations or your sleeping quarters aren’t private. Luggage storage in Lisbon can be a complete lifesaver, and there are several reasons why.

Luggage storage in Lisbon, as well as many other places around the world, is often located around popular tourist destinations, train stations, and bus stops. So if you’re in a rush to get to your next adventure, you don’t need to worry about picking up your bags and hurrying to get across town.

Additionally, luggage storage locations are a great way to keep your bags and personal items away from pickpockets or other malicious individuals on the street. This means you can walk around Lisbon without worrying about your bag or keeping your valuables within arm’s reach. Instead, you can actually enjoy the gorgeous architecture and culture all around you.

Luggage storage options are also generally affordable, meaning you don’t need to break the bank to protect your belongings. In fact, depending on the services you choose to utilize, you may be offered free storage for your first bag or earn loyalty rewards over time.

Check Out the National Azulejo Museum

If you’re visiting Lisbon, one of the best places to go is the National Azulejo Museum. These blue and white ceramic tiles are everywhere in Lisbon, but the museum itself explains and chronicles the significance of the tiles in the capital city’s history. If you’re interested in learning about Portugal’s history and some of the cultural key points, this is definitely our top pick for your itinerary.

Some historians claim that this tradition started in the 8th century when Moor individuals first arrived to present-day Portugal. Tile making is a well-known art in Portugal and Lisbon, specifically. By the 16th century, artists had discovered a way to protect their designs by using an oxide coating. Now, these tiles can be found everywhere in the city, from church walls to bus stops to the museum’s beautiful exhibits.

Chow Down at Time Out Market Lisbon

This is easily one of Lisbon’s most popular tourist attractions, as Time Out Market Lisbon has a wide variety of prepared foods and treats ready to purchase and eat. This massive food hall is a great place to meet other tourists and get recommendations, but this is also a great way to start getting associated with local cuisine.

Try sheep’s cheese, ham, chocolates, and many other goodies while you’re here. Or, if you’re in a hurry, you can purchase prepared food to go and head out on your way for more adventures in the city. The Time Out Market Lisbon opens at ten o’clock every morning, making this a great place to grab a late breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a few snacks.

Take a Walking or Bus Tour

If you can’t decide where to go while you’re visiting Lisbon, don’t be afraid to take a guided walking or bus tour. This is a great way to get an overview of all the beautiful architecture, historical sites, and cultural landmarks when you’re in a new country or city. Your tour guide is likely to provide you with a few personalized answers to particular questions, as well as give you a few suggestions for things to do depending on what you’re most interested in doing.

This also allows you to socialize with other tourists and get their recommendations. You may find these other opinions and suggestions quite helpful if you’re struggling to find inspiration on your trip or if you’re simply strapped for ideas.


If you’re heading to the capital of Portugal, there are many beautiful and exciting locations to visit and things to see during your stay. Whether you’re a history buff, interested in looking at gorgeous architecture and landmarks, or want to learn more about cultural practices and activities, there are many ways to explore. If you were looking for a few suggestions or some new inspiration, we hope you found our tips helpful. Good luck with your next big adventure!

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