Blueface Vs Kane When Are in Battle on His Bkfc Fight!

Fans were very excited to see Blueface vs. Kane Trujillo (Neumane). Now that the BKFC 19 fight is finally happening on July 23, everyone wants to know who won.

Recently, it’s become common for rappers, influencers, celebrities, and others to date each other. Considering this, it wasn’t surprising that Blueface decided to take advantage of this chance. The fight between the rapper and the TikTok star happened a few months after the TikTok vs. YouTube fight went viral on social media.

Who Won the Blueface Vs Kane Trujillo (Neumane) Fight?

Blueface beat Kane in the match (Neumane). The TikTok tar started the fight intense and wasn’t afraid to throw some punches at the rapper. Blueface seemed to have the upper hand in this fight, which was a shame.

As the TikTok star took some hits, it was hard for him to find a good spot to shoot. Even so, Naumane ensured he didn’t give up during the fight.

blueface vs kane when

It looked like the rapper would win from what happened in the first two rounds. As the last round got closer, it was almost confident who would win.

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Neumane was trying to land some hits at the end of the last round before the fight ended. But Blueface didn’t give a lot of chances. Even though the rapper won, the young TikTok star could show how hard he worked.

Blueface Vs. Kane When Twitter

Take a look at the Blueface Vs. Kane When Twitter account.

The TikTok Star

Kane, who used to go by the name Neumane, has a lot of fans on TikTok because of his funny sketches. The person who makes the content is known on the platform as @kane. He has more than 2.9 million followers on the forum, and every video he makes gets many views.

Kane often uses TikTok to act out scenes from his life. Some of his most popular videos are “Me coming home after failing out of college” and “Me making my dad’s apartment look better after the divorce.”

blueface vs kane when

Kane even posted a video with Blueface on Twitter on June 26 to confirm that they would be fighting. Since then, the star of TikTok has shared several posts showing him practicing.

Rapper Opens Up About the Fight

Even though some people might think Blueface and Kane’s fight is a joke, the rapper told everyone that he is taking the whole thing seriously.

In an interview with TMZ, the rapper said that he had never boxed. “I’ve never boxed,” he said. Since I’m in a gang, I fight a lot.

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Blueface said this about his work: “Lately, I’ve only been eating things that have been grilled or baked. I am dieting and everything. I ain’t been smoking, drinking, nothing.”

The rapper recently put out a song called “TikTok.” A lot has already seen the piece of people.

Blueface On His BKFC Fight Against Kane Trujillo

Blueface told TMZ in a recent interview that he didn’t have any boxing experience. But the 24-year-old said he was good at fighting, which made it sound like he wouldn’t look like a new kid on the block if he fought Kane Trujillo.

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“I never boxed. Since I’m in a gang, I fight a lot… I only eat things that are grilled or baked these days. I am dieting and everything. I haven’t smoked, drank, or done anything. I don’t know if you guys saw, but me and YK Osiris I, a rapper who is friends with Blueface, were boxing in the backyard for fun, kicks, and giggles. I think that’s where all of this celebrity boxing came from, “said Blueface.

Frequently Asked Question

When Did Kane and Blueface Fight?

Recently, it’s become common for rappers, influencers, celebrities, and others to date each other. Fans had been eagerly waiting for Blueface VS Kane Trujillo, which is what they got (Neumane). Now that the BKFC 19 fight is finally happening on July 23, everyone wants to know who won.

Did Blueface Beat Kane in the Fight?

Blueface won his exhibition fight and a second fight that the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship didn’t sanction on Friday night with ease. Neumane, aka Kane Trujillo, a TikTok artist, was easy for the rapper to beat.

Who Did the Boxer Blueface Fight?

The Blueface’s boxing match organizers canceled it after a video showed him “assaulting” his partner. Blueface and Christian Rock got into a fight in Los Angeles not long ago, and the rapper is now starting to feel the effects of his actions.

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