Cannabis Festivals 2022: Why Should You Attend a Cannabis Expo?

The year 2022 is well underway, and with it, a plethora of cannabis and related festivals that will allow the culture to enjoy live gatherings after a two-year wait. We’ve compiled a list of some of the top upcoming events below that either revolve around cannabis or foster a dynamic and enjoyable environment for the cannabis community to enjoy.

The cannabis sector is getting up for a record-breaking year in 2022–2023. As more jurisdictions open their doors to booming markets, cannabis events represent a big opportunity for businesses. By going to the right trade fair, you may be sure that you’ll meet people who are interested in your business as customers and business partners. All you need to start displaying is a rented booth. You need to go to the following events if you want to be involved in the US cannabis industry.

Depending on the requirements of your business, you can choose to attend one or more of these cannabis trade exhibitions. If you are in the same or a comparable company vertical, investigate the range of these trade show events. While this list should be plenty for a pilot study, we advise your marketing team to conduct additional research. Working with a professional trade show booth design business will help you maximise the return on your marketing investments through the use of trendy trade show booth designs for cannabis events. Plan your event participation right away.

Cannabis Festivals 2022

Pennsylvania Cannabis Festival

The second-annual Pennsylvania Cannabis Festival will be held at the Pocono Raceway from April 23–24. This pet-friendly event will feature over 150 vendors, live music, and discussion panels.

Cannifest: Cannabis Festivals 2022

Cannifest is a series of worldwide festivals, cultivation contests, and other exciting events created by the cannabis community for the cannabis community. It will take place in Chicago on April 9–10 and Oklahoma on April 2.

National Cannabis Festival

On April 23, the fifth annual National Cannabis Festival will take place at the RFK Festival Grounds in Washington, DC, featuring Wiz Khalifa as the headlining act and additional performers like Ghostface Killah, Lettuce, and more.

What Is a Cannabis Conference?

People from the whole cannabis industry gather at conferences to talk about the legal cannabis market’s explosive expansion. Cultivators, dispensaries, and all industry service providers are among the exhibitors and guests.

What Is It like at a Cannabis Convention?

To find out exactly how cannabis events are, we conducted a survey among some of our event marketing and sales personnel. The word “excitement” was used most frequently. That enthusiasm results from the chance to launch firms in a brand-new sector.

According to Tyler Spence, the So-link Cannabis Team Lead,

“There are a lot of young people at cannabis conferences. They see this new industry as a way to use their entrepreneurial skills to start a business and are really excited to learn about this growing market.”

Cannabis Festivals 2022

Why Should You Attend a Cannabis Expo?

Attending cannabis conferences will be very beneficial for merchants searching for products to market as well as cultivators and extraction operations trying to sell products.

From grow lights and sensors to the security options provided by So-link, you’ll find everything the goods and services both growers and dispensaries require to run their operations.

You can locate helpful connections who are willing to guide you through the full process if you are interested in entering the cannabis industry but do not currently run a cannabis business. Additionally, you will be able to fully comprehend the financial commitment necessary, the legal requirements, and more.


In 2022–2023, the cannabis industry is preparing for a record-breaking year. Cannabis events present a significant commercial opportunity as more governments open their doors to expanding markets. If you wish to work in the US cannabis sector, you must attend the following events. Look into the variety of these trade show events if you work in the same or a related industry. On April 23 and 24, the Pennsylvania Cannabis Festival will take place at the Pocono Raceway. Cannabis expos are excellent for both vendors seeking products to advertise as well as growers and extraction businesses wishing to sell goods.

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