Did Charli D Amelio Die: Fake News Articles Said She Died in a Car Crash!

Charli D’Amelio, famous for her videos on the app TikTok, was the target of a strange and nasty rumor that said she had died. But that’s not the case.

Charli and her sister Dixie have become the most prominent names on TikTok, and their viral success on the app has also helped them become famous in other ways.

But despite their success and popularity, the D’Amelio has a lot of haters who don’t mind trolling them. Not too long ago, they made Dixie delete her social media accounts for a few weeks.

This time, Charli has been the target of strange social media rumors after a YouTube account said she had died.

Charli D’Amelio didn’t die or get into a car accident on March 12, despite what a YouTube video might have you believe. At least, we don’t know that she did.

Instead, the prediction of death seems to be a creepy way for a channel called 2021 Vision to get people’s attention, and YouTube users don’t have it. Someone commented, “The amount of attention you want is out of this world.” Another user said, “I can’t believe some people think this.

Did Charli D’amelio Die?

The video posted online on February 22, 2021, said that Charli would die on March 12. But as of Friday night, the TikTok star was still alive and well. She even posted a video to Instagram Stories to ask her fans to vote for her in the Favorite Female Social Star category of the 2021 Kids’ Choice Awards.

The account on YouTube 2021 Vision seems to want to cash in on the viral popularity of the 2020 Vision account, which has already distanced itself from its copycats. “This is the only one I have. “2021 Vision, 2025 Vision, and 2030 Vision are all lies,” says the YouTube bio for 2020 Vision.

did charli d amelio die

In a video posted in 2017, the 2020 Vision account seemed to say that Kobe Bryant would die on January 26, 2020. This turned out to be true.

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But people have pointed out how the YouTube user behind the account could have faked a prediction from years ago: All they would have to do is upload a private video with a celebrity’s name and every possible date in the year, then trim the video to show only the correct date and make it public when the star dies.

Charli D’amelio Instagram

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Did Charli D’amelio Get Into a Car Crash?

In another video, 2021 Vision said that Charli would die in a car accident, but this also seems like a way to get people’s attention. And once more, YouTube commenters have had enough. Someone wrote, “She’s still alive.” “You’re just trying to look important.”

Charli did ride in a car yesterday, but as her Instagram Stories show, she only went to Dunkin’ to get a cup of her namesake drink. In September 2020, Dunkin’ Donuts made the Charli Cold Foam, a Dunkin’ Cold Brew with three pumps of caramel, in honor of the social media star. And in February of this year, the coffee shop chain put out a “remix” with cold sweet foam and cinnamon sugar.

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On March 13, Charli also used her Instagram Stories to tell her fans that she was alive and well. She wrote “IM ALIVE” as the caption for a picture of herself giving a thumbs-up to the camera.

Did Charli D’amelio Delete a Video Because of the Death Hoax?

Now it seems like this rumor might be true! According to In the Know, Charli deleted a TikTok video of herself dancing on March 11 after many comments about the death hoax were posted.

And, as one user’s screenshot shows, Twitter users have come to her defense. “Charli deleted her dancing video,” one person wrote. “People are gross as hell.

did charli d amelio die

Another person wrote on Twitter, “I like Charli, but it’s not right to say she will die tomorrow when she’s only 16. Like, get an f—king life. Don’t bother that poor girl.”

But, as In the Know pointed out, commenters on another of Charli’s TikTok videos also talked about the death hoax. On March 12, someone wrote, “Today is the day.” “I wish it weren’t true.”

It seems like those hopes came true!

A Youtube Channel Predicted Charli Would Die on March 12th

The death hoax started when a creepy YouTube channel called 2021 Vision said that the TikTok star would die on March 12th.

The 2021 Vision book came out in February and said which famous people will die this year and when.

No one knows who runs the account, but the channel has more than 50 videos with the names and dates of celebrities who will die in 2021, according to videos.

did charli d amelio die

People started saying that Charli D’Amelio had died because a YouTube channel said thasaidlddiede on Friday.

Fake News Articles Said She Died in a Car Crash

As the 12th of March, when Charli D’Amelio was supposedly going to die, got closer, fake news stories about her death started coming out.

The articles came from a prank site called Channel 46 News, where people can make up fake news stories and share them on social media.

They said she died in a car accident, which is how the accident rumors started.

Then, the rumors spread quickly on social media, and many people thought wrongly that Charli was dead when she wasn’t.

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