Dubai Porta Potty: What You Know About the Trend?

Since content changes so quickly on apps like TikTok, there’s always a lot to keep up with. But because there’s so much to see on the platform, it’s possible that some of the things that get the most attention might not be what you’d expect. Trends can come and go fast, and because of how the FYP page works, you might not even know that some things are popular.

The “Dubai Porta Potty” trend is one of the most popular things to talk about on TikTok. Even though it sounds terrible on its own, it’s probably worse than you think. Here’s what we know about it and how it all began.

Dubai Porta Potty Tiktok Trend

@ebrahim ka posted on TikTok that this trend has recently been going around all kinds of social media. It refers to a direction where Instagram models and women with many followers are getting messages from men in Dubai who want to pay them thousands or even millions of dollars to poop on their faces.

Ebrahim ka said that one Instagram model who didn’t want to be named said, “Rich men in Dubai all send their girlfriends out to do this. They smell awful. They all like the same thing.” Even though this is a broad statement, the TikToker said he is from Dubai and thinks of himself as wealthy. He made it clear that he doesn’t like this and that this kind of fetish or kink isn’t common in the country.

dubai porta potty

Ebrahim ka says he knows the wealthy families in Dubai and has never heard this from them. He also says that making these generalizations about Arab men is racist. He said there was no proof that men in these videos about the porta-potty trend are Arab or even from Dubai. In the videos he saw, there were no faces or other ways to tell who was in them.

Dubai Porta Potty Tiktok Trend Start

Even though it’s not clear where the TikTok trend came from, it’s not something new. Body fluid kinks have been around for a long time and have their communities in places like BDSM. Even though it’s unclear how Arab men became so interested in this trend, no one race or gender has a fetish or kink that only they have.

Even though it may seem like everyone is flying out to Dubai for this porta-potty trend, it may not be as common as you think. It could look like many people are doing it because it’s become so popular on TikTok. People also always make up crazy stories online to get people’s attention.

Dubai Porta Potty Twitter

Take a look at the Dubai Porta Potty Twitter account.

Dubai Porta Potty Isn’t Shocking for Those in the Know… Huh

The flight attendant said, “You’re just shitting on a guy.” “You’re eating a lot of fiber and getting a good meal,” she said. Then you’re like, “I’m pooping in someone’s mouth, and they’re paying me $20,000 to do it.”

dubai porta potty

“Perhaps some guys do hit on girls… I’m sorry to say this, but UK babes have a good reputation in Dubai. It’s not a big deal. We don’t think it’s a big deal. Everyone is aware of it. For me, it’s just like…

Well. I think we all learned something from this.

Frequently Asked Question

What’s the Porta Potty Story in Dubai?

This is one of the most strange stories you’ll ever hear. Videos started showing up on TikTok last month about something that has been rumored to be true for years: influencers being paid to fly to Dubai to be pooped on (or in) for cash, get expensive gifts, and stay for free in fancy hotels.

What is Twitter Dubai Porta Potty?

The story behind this trend has not been proven. There are supposedly millionaires from Dubai who pay for influencers and models to come to visit them. They poop on their faces when they do this.

What Does the Term “Porta Potty” Mean?

In the US, these are called “portable potties,” and in the UK, they are called “Porta Loos.” They are temporary toilets often used on construction sites and at events with many people.

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