What You Know About Giggity 420?

A video by TikToker Giggity4204 that told people to Google her name got over 2 million views.

The TikTok star’s username, Giggity4204, has become a trend as people copied it after seeing how popular it was.

Everything we know about the Giggity 420 trend is broken down here.

Giggity 420 Tiktok Trend Explained

TikTok Giggity4204 got his followers to Google search “Giggity 420” by posting a video that wasn’t very clear.

The social media star, whose real name isn’t known, filmed herself typing “Giggity 420” into the search bar and told her followers to do the same out of curiosity. Because of how the video was made, many people thought the search results could be explicit.

giggity 420

If you Google the name, there isn’t much that comes up when you search for it. Heavy thinks that the video is a way for her to get people to visit her other social media profiles and increase her social influence. Since the original TikTok video has been watched more than 2 million times, we can say that the so-called strategy worked.

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The same news source says Giggity4204 could also use her TikTok videos to promote her Instagram and other social media accounts.

The ‘Giggity 420’ Trend

What is the “Giggity 420” trend? That’s the first question. A TikTok user named “Giggity 4204” started fooling people by Googling for “Giggity 420.” She tells people to look at Google’s search history.

Why do people look for it to begin with? People search Giggity 420 because they expect to find something rude. Everyone thought this because of how the video turned out.

The real name of this social media girl is unknown. She recorded herself typing “Giggity 420” into Google’s search box and telling others to do the same. In her video, what did she do?

People were interested and looked for it. But what did the people learn? Not even a thing. Quite a few pieces. So, we’re telling you what’s going on.

The Purpose Of Searching

You might think that searching for the phrase didn’t turn up anything. Then, why are we doing this? It’s a way to sell something. So, let’s go.

Instead, it’s more like getting famous. She is bringing people to her social media, and as time goes on, more and more curious people look for it. And it seems like this approach is working.

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People looking for this found her on social media, and she now has a lot of followers. But here’s something interesting: many other TikTok users have started to follow this trend.

And they’re doing that to get more people to visit their social media pages. Because she got more than 2 million views, and now everyone is doing the same thing.

giggity 420

She says that she is 19. She has also posted inappropriate videos on Instagram and Twitter, which has caused a lot of trouble.

You now know this trend is about tricking people into following and watching. You won’t be fooled anymore. You can check out what people are saying about her on TikTok.

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People are telling each other not to look because it’s a trick. So, stay in touch with us for more news.

Viral Video Becomes a Trend

It’s been a trend on TikTok to “trick” followers into Googling something, but Giggity4204‘s video is getting so much attention that the craze has started up again.

TikTok users post videos of their name or username typed into Google’s search bar, but not the results. This only makes people interested enough to Google the word on their own.

giggity 420

Giggity4204 used a TikTok sound in her first video. Since then, it has been used in over 54k videos, but not all of them are part of the Giggity 420 trend.

Followers React to Viral Tiktok

When people saw that Googling “Giggity 420” didn’t bring up much, they wrote about it in the comments section of the TikTok video.

Someone wrote, “Everyone’s already been played.”

“Don’t fall for the trap,” said someone else.

Someone else wrote in the section for comments, “Nothing shows up.”

The TikTok bio says that Giggity4204 is a “secret account,” even though it has more than 100,000 followers.

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