Ice in My Veins: What Does Mean of This Trend?

Every day, anything can become a new TikTok trend, from the most simple to the most strange things. People point at their arms, usually with their index and middle fingers. This is the latest trend on the app, and it seems to be based on the “ice in my veins” pose.

TikTok is pointing two fingers at their inner arm as if they were going to take their pulse. This is a format that is becoming more and more popular. Most of the time, this pose is shown with text about TikTok. This pose doesn’t make much sense initially, but NBA fans might recognize it.

People are saying “ice in my veins” all over TikTok, but what does it mean?

If you’ve been on TikTok lately, you might have seen a lot of videos where the phrase “ice in my veins” is used.

It’s usually used with a weird hand gesture, and everyone on TikTok doesn’t know what it means.

So what does the phrase “ice in my veins” mean? Let’s find out.

What Does ‘ice in My Veins’ Mean?

“Ice on my veins” is a phrase used frequently. It comes from sports.

If someone has “ice in their veins,” they are “cold-blooded.” NBA players and other athletes often use this phrase to describe how it feels to be strong when things are tough.

It usually means that the game is on the line in the last few minutes, and you must use all your strength and determination to succeed, do well, and ensure you win.

ice in my veins

The “ice in my veins” pose is an arm movement from a famous sports term. For professional athletes like NBA players, this phrase means that they are “cold-blooded” and keep their cool when the game is on the line in the last few minutes. The pose with the words “ice in his veins” was made famous by former Los Angeles Lakers player D’Angelo Russell, who started doing it as a celebration pose after making big plays.

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After he made it more popular, the pose went viral on social media and became much more common.

So, the pulse-checking pose isn’t a mistake. On TikTok, it’s clear that Russell’s victory pose inspired it, but it now has a different meaning. “Ice in your veins” on TikTok doesn’t mean that the last few minutes of a basketball game are tense. Instead, it means that someone is telling the truth and being themselves.

Since this pose is usually shown with information about TikToker, the new meaning makes sense. The carriage is meant to show that the text in their video tells the truth about who they are and that what they say is true. The gesture is often used as part of the “It Started with a “Hey” TikTok challenge.

It’s Often Associated With a Certain Hand Gesture

People often use the phrase “ice in my veins” on TikTok along with a strange hand gesture in which they put two fingers on the opposite arm.

ice in my veins

Usually, Mother Mother’s song “Hayloft” plays in the background, and words appear on the screen.

NBA players often make this hand sign to show that they have “ice in their veins” and that the game is almost over.

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D’Angelo Russell, a player for the Lakers, was the first to do it as a way to celebrate.

On TikTok, though, the hand gesture now means something different.

The ‘Two Fingers on Arm’ Trend Explained

The “ice in my veins” gesture made famous by D’Angelo Russell is used all over TikTok, but it no longer means what it was meant to.

It now means that someone is telling the truth about themselves.

Most of the time, these kinds of videos have two clips. First, a TikTok user tells a personal story. The video then cuts to a new scene where they put two fingers on their arm.

ice in my veins

When they make the hand gesture, they also say something significant about themselves written on the screen.

It Started With a ‘Hey'” Challenge

The “It Started with a ‘Hey’” challenge compares two people with completely different personalities. The second person in the video usually makes the arm gesture to show that what they’re saying is true and that they’re talking about their “true selves.”

A TikTok user named “Macanese” posted a video of the challenge in action that went viral. The video, which has been watched 7.3 million times, starts with macelnesar calling herself a pushover. She then shows the camera her best friend, who is described as someone who will “literally kill anyone” while making the arm gesture.

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It’s unclear how TikTokers went from a celebratory sports pose to a universal symbol for telling the truth with this challenge, but at least we know what it means!

Frequently Asked Question

What Does It Mean That I Have Ice in My Veins?

I can’t believe how calm she was the whole time. Other people would have been upset or scared.

Where Did the Ice Come From in My Veins?

D’Angelo Russell had just scored his career-high 39 points against the Brooklyn Nets by making a late three-point shot. The Lakers won one of their 17 games that season because of the barrage, and Russell started pointing to the veins on his left arm. He said, “Ice!” into the camera. “My veins are frozen!”

Can Ice Run Through Your Veins?

A diagnosis is made based on signs and symptoms. 90% of people with ice in their veins also have hypothermia, a cold face, and the ability to feel ice cubes in their veins. Time, maybe even a warm blanket.

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