Jenny69 Meme: What You Know About Protests and Arguments?

Jenny 69’s first single, “La 69,” came out a few days ago, but Twitter users are still cruelly trolling the Instagram influencer. You should check out some of our La 69 memes if you want a good laugh.

Jenny 69, whose real name is Jennifer Ruiz, is a Mexican-American social media influencer known for how much she has changed after several plastic surgeries.

People are now talking a lot about her time as a musician, which did not impress those who heard her.

Lumbre Music put the official music video for her song on YouTube. It has gotten more dislikes than likes, and people on Twitter felt the same way.

jenny69 meme

Even though the song has gotten a lot of bad reviews, La 69’s music video has been watched more than 3.9 million times.

  • She even posted a TikTok video of herself singing her latest song on Instagram to celebrate the views.
  • In the caption, she wrote, “Reached 3,000,000 views today. Gracias a todos por el apoyo”
  • “Thank you all for your support” is what the second half of her caption says in English.

Online History

Jenny Ruiz posted her most popular video, “A Day in the Life of a 69-Year-Old Woman,” to her vlog channel on March 29, 2019. (shown below) In a year, more than 1.3 million people watched the video “VLOG | I WENT TO A JARIPEO!!!” and more than 30,000 people liked it.

Jenny69 Meme Twitter

Take a look at the Jenny69 Meme Twitter account.


She has two million Instagram followers, 1.07 million YouTube subscribers on her main channel, 273,000 YouTube subscribers on her vlog channel, and 208,700 Twitter followers.

Protests and Arguments

After the George Floyd protests in May 2020, Jenny Ruiz made a vlog called “UPDATE WHY I HAVEN’T BEEN ON INSTAGRAM” on June 9 to answer questions about why she hadn’t been on Instagram (shown below). Ruiz said in the video that she has her problems and doesn’t want to discuss them. In just one day, the video got more than 106,170 views.

Many people on Twitter didn’t like her answer and disagreed with her position. A Twitter user named @seattlethe206 wrote, “Next time jenny69 asks for your support, tell her to buy her s*** because it’s your money. Also, don’t buy her cockroach leg eyebrows, and don’t forget that black lives matter” (shown below, left). In just one day, more than 340 people liked the tweet.

jenny69 meme

Twitter user @yesitsyesse [3] sent tweets, “Jenny69 is a FUCKING fool. Can we please stop giving money to idiots who make money off of our cultures but don’t speak up when we need them to? #Blm #jenny69 “and got more than 290 likes in just one day (shown below, right). The Daily Dot[4] wrote about the argument.

Personal Life

Jenny Ruiz was born in Corona, California, on March 11, 1994, and she married Emmanuel in 2017. In 2019, Autism was found in her son.

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