Listen Linda: Three-Year-Old Boy Doing Debate and Argue in This Song!

Do you remember that little boy who kept telling his mom, “Listen, Linda,” because she wouldn’t give him a cupcake? That video went viral seven years ago, and Matteo Beltran is now ten. We look at what the Listen Linda kid is doing now.

Listen Linda Video Goes Viral in 2014

The original, cute video with Matteo Beltran as a 3-year-old was posted in 2014 with the title “My 3-year-old must argue and debate about everything.” Nearly 30 million people have watched the hilarious conversation between a mother and her son on YouTube.

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Matteo, Linda’s son, keeps telling her in the video, “Listen, Linda,” after he was told he couldn’t have a cupcake for dinner. His mom says that Matteo wanted to skip dinner and go to dessert, which made the argument “heated.”

After the video did well, the young star was invited to talk shows like the Ellen DeGeneres Show and got compliments from Queen Latifah and even Michelle Obama.

What is Matteo From Listen Linda Doing Now?

On November 17, 2021, Matteo will be 11 years old. This year, his mother, Linda Beltran, talked to LadBible about him. She said he was:

“I’m having a great time learning about martial arts and getting used to social distance learning. He and his brother love to play video games.

listen linda

Linda also said that life hasn’t been easy for her family, saying they “struggle almost every day,” but she’s glad that her small video could brighten other people’s lives for a short time.

Linda has 169k subscribers to her YouTube channel, where she posts about her sons Matteo, Charlie, and Kevin and how they live with their family in San Jose, California. Her sons are still living with her and her ex-partner.

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Matteo has an Instagram account that you can look at. The young internet star has almost 10,000 followers, and his mother helps him run his version. Matteo and his brothers all love karate and spending time together as a family.

Fans Have Been Recreating the Video on Tiktok

People say that imitation is the most honest way to praise someone. Fans of the viral video have been recreating the Listen Linda conversation on TikTok, and people can’t get enough of Matteo, who is only three years old.

Frequently Asked Question

Where Does the Saying “Listen, Linda” Come From?

Mateo Beltran, 3 years old and from San Jose, California, has become known as the “Linda, listen” or “listen, Linda” kid in just a month. All because of a video of him arguing for a cupcake.

How Old is the Boy in the Listen to Linda Video?

His mother, Linda, decided to put the video on YouTube, where it quickly went viral and became a hit on the internet. Ours is “23-year-old Mateo Argues for a Speeding Ticket: Linda, honey, just listen.”

On Tiktok, Who is Linda?

Linda Dong – Partner Manager, Creators – TikTok | LinkedIn.

What Does Linda Mean Slang?

It means the same things as bonito and Bonita, which are “beautiful,” “pretty,” “lovely,” and “nice.” In Latin America, Lindo can also be used to describe how something is.

What Does a Mean?


Listen Linda Video

Take a look at the Listen Linda Video:

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