Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Ocheretnaya: Where Is Putin Wife Currently Living?

The world is watching to see what Russian President Vladimir Putin will do next as Russia and Ukraine continue to fight. At the same time, people are also trying to find out about his private life.

If you are one of them, stay with us as we take a look at Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Ocheretnaya, Putin’s ex-wife.

Vladimir Putin chooses not to talk about his personal life in public places. During the meeting or interview, he didn’t speak much about his ex-wife or his daughters. The President and his ex-wife broke up after being together for 30 years.

Who is Lyudmila A. Ocheretnaya?

Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Ocheretnaya

Lyudmila was born in 1958 in Kaliningrad, Soviet Union. She completed her degree at Leningrad State University.

She started as a flight crew for the Kaliningrad branch of Aeroflot. She did teach German at the Department of Philology at Leningrad State University for four years, from 1990 to 1994.

She first met Vladimir Putin, who is now the President of Russia, and her ex-husband in the city of Leningrad. A friend they both know has invited Putin and many other friends to watch a play together.

Marriage to Putin

Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Ocheretnaya

Lyudmila and Putin got married in July 1983. She worked for the company Telecominvest in Moscow before Vladimir Putin became Prime Minister of Russia in 1999. The couple has two daughters named Mariya and Yekaterina.

She was the Russian First Lady from May 7, 2012, to June 6, 2013. As the First Lady, she was out of the media’s way and out of the spotlight. Most of her public appearances were completely set by state protocol.

Before the divorce was public, there were rumors that Putin was hooking up former Olympic gymnast Alina Kabayeva.

Lyudmila and Putin told the public in June 2013 that they had decided to end their marriage on their own. There were rumors about their connection in the media. The Kremlin confirmed that their divorce was finalized in 2014.

She said about her breakup with her ex-husband, “Our marriage is over because we barely see each other. Vladimir is completely immersed in his work. Our kids are grown up now, and each of them is living her own life… And I don’t like publicity.”


She won many awards, including the Jacob Grimm Prize in Germany and the “Rukhaniyat” prize from the International Association for the Rebirth of Spirituality in Kyrgyzstan in 2002. In 2005, she was also given the Golden Warrior medal by Kazakhstan.

According to Reuters, Lyudmila helped start and support the Centre for the Development of Interpersonal Communications (CDIC) foundation, which raises money.

Lyudmila is said to have married businessman Artur Ocheretny six years ago, in 2016. He is younger by 21 years than she is.

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