Rizz Meaning: Take a Look at Unspoken Rizz is the Next Level Up!

Rizz and “unspoken rizz” are the latest phrases going viral on TikTok, but what do they mean, and where did they come from? If you don’t like Kai Cenat, you probably don’t know.

Every day on TikTok brings a new trend, and rizz is the most popular topic right now.

Tips on how to have rizz and improve your rizz game are all over the video app, but you’re not the only one who doesn’t know what they’re talking about. People often ask what it is in the comments of videos, so here’s what we know about it.

What Does Rizz Mean On TikTok?

Let’s start with the question that people most often ask us. “Rizz” is a slang word from New York City made up by a Twitch Streamer and YouTube star named Kai cenat. Rizz is a slang word that means “to get a girl” or “to up your game.” Didn’t you get it?

Let us use an example to demonstrate.

Silky: I saw you talking to that girl named Rachel. Did you get her phone number?

Kai: Yeah! Rizz, you know I’m mad.

You now know why everyone on the internet uses this slang. People have also been arguing about who has more Rizz on the internet, just like the Twitch streamer.

Rizz: Meaning and Origin Explained

Kai Cenat, a YouTuber and Twitch streamer from New York City, made up the word “Rizz.” According to Urban Dictionary, it means a man’s ability to attract women or a “game.”

Even though it’s just now getting popular on TikTok, the word “rizz” has been around since at least June 2021, and Cenat has made a few videos about it.

rizz meaning

In July 2021, he put “Rizz Academy” on stream. This was his own “school” to help his friends get better with the ladies and improve their love lives. Since practice makes perfect, he invited some women over to “see if they had a game.

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Cenat says there are three types of rizz: W, V, and L. W is the best, and L is the worst, so you should stay away from it.

Everyone on TikTok has tips for getting W rizz, so be smart about who you learn from.

Unspoken Rizz is the Next Level Up

“Unspoken rizz” is “very rare rizz,” says the person who made it. It’s when a man can get a woman’s attention just by how he looks, without even having to say anything.

Fans of Cenat often make fun of him because his friend and fellow creator Duke Dennis have been able to make “unspoken rizz” while Cenat had trouble with it at first.

rizz meaning

Watch it happen in this video. It made the Twitch chat laugh so hard that people were crying. Dennis only had to make a move to get his point across, and it worked:

The Unspoken Rizz

Along with the slang word Rizz, there is a word called “Unspoken Rizz” that is a step above Rizz. Along with the classic slang Rizz, the Unspoken Rizz has taken over the internet.

It sounds more like a higher level of slang. Rizz is a guy who knows how to get girls, but the Unspoken Rizz is a little different.

As his name suggests, Unspoken Rizz is a guy who attracts women with his looks and charm even before he speaks to them.

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And that is hard. And the guys who do it should be called “Unspoken Rizz.” Rizz’s influence is enormous, even when he doesn’t speak. And it’s a higher level, which means guys are getting respect.

You’ll be surprised to learn that the term has been used since June 2021, but it has only recently become famous online.

Little About Kai Cenat: The Creator Of The Slang ‘Rizz’

Now that you know what the slang means let’s find out more about Kai Cenat, who came up with it with his friends. Kai is a well-known YouTuber, live streamer, and social media personality. People know him for the excellent online content he writes.

His short, creative comedy routines based on memes have helped him become a rising Instagram funny person. The streamer has more than 1.2 million Instagram followers because of the unique way he makes his videos.

rizz meaning

He also has over 2.11 million people who follow his comedic YouTube channel with the same name. Kai’s video on YouTube has been watched more than a million times.

If you want to see his funny pranks with his friends, you can subscribe to Kia’s YouTube channel, which has a lot of videos to keep you entertained.

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So, how much did you get from Rizz? Or are you the only one in the world? Don’t forget to tell us in the section below for comments. It looks like there will be a lot of talking back and forth.

Frequently Asked Question

What Does the Slang Term “Rizz Up” Mean?

Urban Dictionary says that the term has been around since the summer of 2021 and usually means a man’s ability to make women like him. Kai may have made up the word “rizz” to help his friends with their love lives, but it turns out that “rizz” is not just one word.

What is a Rizz TikTok?

rizz, meaning Kai Cenat, a YouTuber, and Twitch streamer, came up with the word “rizz” as New York City slang. According to Urban Dictionary, it means a man’s ability to attract women or a “game.” Even though it’s just now getting popular on TikTok, the word “rizz” has been around since at least June 2021, and Cenat has made a few videos about it.

What’s the Deal With Rizz?

After the ad, the article goes on. “Unspoken rizz” means being able to attract people with just a look and a gesture. The term has taken over TikTok, and people are using it to test themselves and their ability to be attractive at any time.

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