Best French Series on Netflix


That's Assane Diop, the protagonist of a Netflix series that ranked as the most-watched series in the first quarter of 2021.

Plan Coeur (The Hook Up Plan)

Elsa, the main character, is approaching her 30th birthday. After two years, she is still in love with her ex, and her friends Charlotte and Emile

La forêt  (The Forest)

The Forest is a crime thriller miniseries about a teenage girl named Jennifer who goes missing in a forest. The forest, which is located in the Ardennes


Marianne has the ability to scare you with only a glance. Mireille Herbstmeyer is known for her humorous work, but in Marianne, she plays the embodiment of pure wickedness

The Circle France

In this amusing and strategic competition series, players must also choose whether to play as themselves or as other people.

The Chalet

The show takes place in a chalet in the French Alps and alternates between two timelines: 2007, when a family arrives for a fresh start, and 2017 when a group of friends gathers for a wedding.

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