Are You Excited for the 'Between Season 3' ?

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This time of year is filled with disorder, death, sacrifices, and bad news. A mysterious illness has infected the town and killed everyone over 21. the deceased are cremated while fire destroys two supermarkets.

Season 1

The pandemic has killed most of Pretty Lake’s population, and the government has quarantined the remaining families. Due to the lengthy lockdown, food supplies are running low.

Season 2

We are currently coping with the Covid 19 pandemic. As you well know, the town is infested with unknown ailments. However, a few seasonal patterns assist retain the place this year.


The first season premiered in 2015, and the second season in 2016. Even though the first season did not receive very positive reviews, the second season was nonetheless released. there has been no news regarding the upcoming season.

Release Date

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