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Season 3 Blown Away: Who Will Be The New Contestants In Season 3?


The Great British Baking Show or Project Runway, the Netflix competition series Blown Away has contestants fusing molten glass in 2,000-degree furnaces to create stunning but brittle works of art. It’s a lot more dangerous.


An associate professor at California State University, Katherine Gray, serves as the show’s primary guest. In addition to a $60,000 cash reward, the competition winner will have the opportunity to stay at the Corning Museum of Glass.

The Story

Deborah Czeresko won Season 1, and Elliot Walker won Season 2. Seasons 1 and 2 runners-up Janusz Poniak and Cat Burns. Among the top 10 finishers were Alexander Rosenberg (third), Chris Taylor (fourth).

Season 1 and 2 Winners

Netflix may continue to air Blown Away based on the success of its previous two seasons, even if they haven’t made any official pronouncements. Season 3 could air in 2022.

Release Date

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