Danmachi Season 4

It is a fantasy series by Fujino Omori and Suzuhito Yasuda and is widely regarded as one of the best and funniest in recent times. The fourth season of the anime version of the series will premiere in 2022.

The plot summary for Season 4 of “DanMachi” has not yet been released. Despite this, the trailer released provides some ideas about the anime’s primary focus for the new season.

Inori Minase will reprise her role as Hestia, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka will reprise his role as Bell Cranell, Saori nishi will reprise her role as Ais Wallenstein, Haruka Tomatsu will reprise her role as Eina Tulle, Yoko Hikasa will reprise her role as Freya, and Sma Sait will reprise her role as Hermes.

Danmachi will be renewed for a fourth season, according to the showrunner. Then it may contain 13 or more episodes, just like the previous seasons did.

Season 3 of DanMachi takes inspiration from the ninth through eleventh volumes of the light novel series. Volume 12 of the novel, which will be adapted for Season 4 of the television series, offers a new chapter in Bell’s life story.

DanMachi Season 4 will premiere in July 2022, during the Summer 2022 anime season, according to the official release date.

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